Coming in 07-08

A feature film entitled "Equatorial Convergence", scheduled for release in Dec. 07. The film is a dramatic documentary shot over a three year period in Hawaii, Maldives, and California. It features surfers Mary Osborne, Holly Beck, and the tandem team of Bobby and Tiare Friedman, as well as performance artist Hannah Rastovich. The piece examines the origins and destiny of mankind from a surfers point of view and features unique POV footage of many of the subjects documented in the stills library. In the film, viewers see what it is like to swim with dolphins, and go for a ride on a tandem board as they learn why humans are attracted to water.

February 08 should see completion of a feature film/documentary called "The Aloha Project" which examines the return of Hawaiian cultural practices which has been in production for two years.
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