The images contained in this site are a sampling of the subjects available in my image library. In compiling this collection I was shocked at the amount of compelling subjects that could not be posted. So keep that in mind, as you digitally thumb through the images that reflect what I see daily as I travel through this incredible world we live in.

In the work contained here, is my reflected relationship with all my subjects. It is an intimate look into what I feel is beautiful, inspiring and special, from an empty wave expiring at dawn, to the simplest kiss. It is my goal to capture and portray emotion and bring back occurrences that may only have existed for a millisecond in time, but I was able to witness. Sharing them is a vocation, livelihood, and more than that, an obligation and privilege for me.

I may have a good grasp of the language and process of Photography, but it is my subjects that really make the work come alive. I just show up and capture their reflection.

It is a simple concept, but the stories behind each image often are incredibly complex and rich. That is the texture of my life and growing body of work. Thank you for having a look.
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