Labor(ing) Day

Labor Day Bluenote

Labor Day Bluenote












I posted this blogpost early this morning, on Ocean Lovers Collective’s website. It is a look at the Alchemy of Change.

It has been a darned busy weekend. Work in the office on Art, Writing, Photography. Designing a new optical system for my 5DM2 water housing. In process I also found myself doing a bit of image collection work out along Coast Hwy 1 south of where I live.

The assets of our Coastline and local waters get a lot of pressure placed upon them as the hordes descend, fleeing from hot inland environs and their regular workaday pressures. In a  way I have always been fascinated that people flee to the shore. I get it. In fact, as a child, it is what I used to do, as well. It is just that over time I found a way to stay at the beach, and be in, on or underwater at every conceivable moment of every day. I never left.

What that did over decades (yep, I am getting old) is endow me with a baseline view of a lot of the issues involving ocean health, water safety, and a wide range of Ocean related subjects that led to careers related to water. I appreciate that.

Lar Rathje

Lars Rathje











So on this Labor Day, well, I am working, but wow, look at my work environment. Thank you for caring about it!

Sierra Partridge

Sierra Partridge

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