Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design

In Nature, Mankind can see a remarkable intelligence exhibited within the context of  the architecture of systems themselves.

The reality is, that if we really want to see a land thrive, the best way to assist is to recognize the role of the individual.

Each has a part, and purpose, that if respected and watered, will enable the system to function with remarkable vigor. It is why many of us believe and live the tenet that “everyone matters”.¬† Because they do. Not in an identical manner, quite the contrary. They make a difference by us allowing for their diversity.

One of the better examples that I have read regarding biodiversity and modern culture, dropped into my e mail reads today, and is entitled “Business Lessons from a Quiet Gardener”.

So as we thrash through this awful economy, with all manner of trouble trying to grab the wheel in National, State, and Municipal Governance, maybe think a little bit about those in your garden, and how best to water, or maybe just provide a little bit of nourishment from your own existence.

Because when one thrives, in a biosystem, the potential for others to do so, increases as well. Lets do that: thrive.



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