motion picture production

The strong suite for me obviously is water work. As a specialty camera operator I sort of see the potential in slowing real time down to six or twelve times slow motion without really thinking about it any more.

In our production work we attempt to seamlessly marry digital to high speed film. But recently, new advances in tech indicate that the horizon is shifting again

For real time (24 FPS to 150 FPS) filming we use the Panasonic HVX 200 , but recently have converted to the revolutionary Canon 5D Mark 2 which records in 1080i at 30 FPS and provides a remarkably hi quality high definition file. With the correct software application to render realistic slow motion segments, it is remarkable what great point of view footage can be produced. Recent work with these cameras has made us never want to shoot a 35mm motion rig for real time filming ever again

For true high speed work we utilize the old Milliken 16mm bodies. Frame rates are variable from 0 to 500 FPS. The correct choice of film allows us to crop in for 16x9 aspect ratio with little loss in image quality, even on the big screen. We do this for a number of reasons, the paramount reason being reliability at high speed. We do utilize a program for film grain matching and exaggeration as well as Apple Motion and After Effects which allows for great digital to film matching and contrasting.

All our cameras are fitted with custom water housings and hand blown optics, offering the maximum in shooting ease. This allows for acquiring dramatic first person POV's with a minimum of fuss.

We (there are three camera operators) are available for booking as specialty camera, a complete second unit, or as a complete production crew. Our crew is composed of multi talented ex athletes and is designed to get in and out of locations easily and with a minimum number of logistical problems. Each operator is a film maker in his own right and experienced in shooting from a variety of platforms, due to the broad base of action sports experience in the group. Sailing, surfing, cycling, swimming, snow boarding, skating, off road racing, road racing, martial arts, you name it, and we have all sort of done it and shot it. So generally, we feel right at home in extreme shooting conditions that others may find a little daunting. Each one of us owns his own kit and is privy to all of the items in the rest of the group's tool chest.

With a strong background in editorial and iconic commercial image building, our photography and art direction tends to be malleable, creative and accurate.
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