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Rocking Antipathetic

Saturday, March 24th, 2012


The image above is of Becky Gordon (Miss Nascar, as I like to call her). She is the sister of Jeff Gordon, champion Nascar driver. I shot this image in Mexico. The surfboard was Dave Hopkins’. The suit was one of a grip of wardrobe suits I brought along. The time frame, was approximately six months, post 9-11.

Pretty girl, American flag board, suit, and smile while representing a very American sport as a job and avocation. Yep I really went to Mexico and did this. Why?

antipathy |anˈtipəθē|
noun ( pl. -thies)
a deep-seated feeling of dislike; aversion : his fundamental antipathy to capitalism | a thinly disguised mutual antipathy.
ORIGIN late 16th cent. (in the sense [opposition of feeling, nature, or disposition] ): from French antipathie or Latin antipathia, from Greek antipatheia, from antipathēs ‘opposed in feeling,’ from anti ‘against’ + pathos ‘feeling.’

My job is to be antipathetic at times. I make people uncomfortable with my Art and antipathy. Hell, I make me uncomfortable.

Later this day in a local bar, Becky and I watched Jeff stuff his car into the wall. I heard her gasp.

Racing and antipathy are both sort of like that. You barrel into a turn, in an effort to maintain your speed and line, while exiting towards your goal with the maximum amount of speed possible.

If you feel completely comfortable, you may be doing it wrong.

Here is a great RSA on human nature and Neural Psychology. Gives new meaning to the slogan: “Just do it”

I learned first hand, in racing cars and bikes, that there is incredible truth in the saying: “Fortune favors the brave”.

Just don’t expect it to be comfy. It won’t be. Not if you really want the victory.

No one gives it to you, the prize. You must take it.


Thursday, November 10th, 2011
Crimson is the Color

Crimson is the Color

I often wonder what goes through the mind of some people who, intent on winning, never consider that, in the pursuit and application of the process of the win, they are working to insure a contract be executed on their existence.

I cannot recall how many times I have endeavored to explain symbiosis versus parasitism to some  low talent underling, who is convinced that I should spend everything that I have to support their vision. It seems that they all came out from under their respective rocks this week.

“Pay, oh we don’t pay anything for other people’s work”. (Think about a City Manager getting paid 200K a year who wants citizens (artists,musicians) to ante up for, well, whatever…….)

Note to underling: “How is that dead end entity, which is based on free content working out with your advertisers and supporters, hmm?” Sooner or later your subsidized job, in your tax foil organization, will end, and you will be gainfully unemployed.

The race to the bottom, frequently is overlooked by the footsoldiers in the lead.

I saw that this week in my home town. Politics are very similar to the publishing business. Fortunately, both are metered by both readers and the public, ultimately.



Any intelligent investor knows this:

Ethics matter.

All con men will try to convince you that the opposite of what you know, is true. They can be so convincing that frequently I have seen them believe their own line of compelling manipulation. It is what keeps them moving forward. They believe.

What Matters

What Matters

In business and in life, how you ride, run, lead, follow, in the race, is everything. At the end of the day, it is only you who looks back at your Maker. The choices we have in this Country? Well, someone paid for those. Best to appreciate and cherish that.

This link is to an e book on the aspects of Leadership, written by Dr Ed. Brenegar, who is coming to visit Donna and I this week end. I highly recommend it. One never knows when one may be forced to lead. Having tools to be good at it, is important.

This image is courtesy of the US Military Press Corps. I did not shoot it. I would have had a very difficult time doing so.

 United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Phillip A. Myers, of Hopewell, Virginia, died April 4 near Helmand province, Afghanistan.

United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Phillip A. Myers, of Hopewell, Virginia, died April 4 near Helmand province, Afghanistan.

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