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Monday, October 14th, 2013

Silverlake, High Sierras. Two standup paddleboarders , fishing

Is not the same as being full of life. The word Ha’ole in Hawaiian translates roughly as being without breath. When we come into this world, it is the first thing we do, draw breath. As we leave, it is the last. We expel it.

I have long seen it evidenced that the heart and soul of culture can benefit deeply by being connected to Nature, especially through water. It is both breath and life. This is why indigenous cultures consider themselves to be a vital part of nature and the eco system. They are inseparable from it.

This is one of the principle reasons I found the shuttering of National Parks and enforced disenfrachisement of the American Public, such an offense. To me it is an indication of the complete loss of moral compass heading and corresponding duty of care, by what passes for leadership in Federal Government in both Legislative and Executive Branches today.

One really had to look no further than see the barricades put up under order of the Executive Branch at the Veteran’s Memorial on the Beltway in DC for an illustration of what we as a people have allowed to rule over us. A formerly wide open and unsecured area, the Memorial was built by the people of this Nation to honor the people who served at great cost, to preserve this Nation and it’s inalienable rights on the field of battle.

The President had it locked down. That was expensive. And I am not speaking merely of the likely 1000 fold increase in daily expense to fence and guard the Memorial, but of the complete loss of respect for the rule of law in this Country.

Because what does one do when Governance becomes Rule and Tyranny descends?

The Veterans once again, led the way.

In defiance of a Federal shutdown of the Vets Memorial by the Executive Branch,the people of the US occupied it.

In defiance of a Federal shutdown of the Vets Memorial by the Executive Branch,the people of the US, occupied it.

Here is some coverage of what has been going on, which Factory Media has declined to air.

Freedom was never free. While the black hearted nature of many in leadership depresses me, the courage of these Veterans and their families and our heavily downtrodden working class, is indicative of strength and hope.

I had thought on what the American Flag means to many recently, and recognized, especially watching very educated people fall willingly into partisan thinking once more, that maybe she should be flown upside down for now. Those of you with Military or nautical backgrounds will know what that means.

I ran across this piece by Nahko Bear. It is called My Country. One man’s take on the land he loves.

I hope all the Artists and Musicians pick up their tools and get to work.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are inalienable rights. Best to recognize when they disappear, that someone has sold them and in process, you. Did you know that an inalienable right is one given by God?

Maybe think about that.

Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness


Everyone Loves a Parade

Sunday, August 9th, 2009


The Boss says it best in this song. Old, yet still vital, for the memories it evokes and the poignant reminder it leaves us with.

Ventura, or Ventucky as many of us fondly refer to this town, was considered a way station between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara for years. It has come into it’s own in recent times.

It’s strong native American Indian, Mission, Agricultural and Oil¬† historical foundation makes for a unique and diverse cultural cross section. A beautiful example of cultural diversity emerges today and promotes tolerance on many levels, in spite of the stress the little city is under in our current economic plunge.

If I had to pick any one thing as my little home town’s strong suite, I would choose it’s cultural diversity. There are a lot of voices in Ventura. On the day of the Ventura County Fair Parade, many of them show up. Lots of smiling faces, flags, and a unique sampling of the mindset that is Ventura California, unfolds in a pulsating rythm of humanity and color and marching music, down Main St.

Got to love a small town. Nothing gets by anybody for very long. That can be a good thing, because when a city engages transparently, accountability hangs it’s hat. With accountability, a city becomes a community. Ventura winds up with better infrastructure eventually, as a result of communal values: better PD, FD, Politicians, and City Hall. The community becomes, by virtue of the Democratic process, a best case example of the tenets of the US Constitution.

Annie and Jim Aspell, the Betty Bus’s new owners, took Donna Von Hoesslin of Betty B and Shawn Alladio of K38 along with them Saturday in a grand celebration for our community.¬† As I ran the parade line several times, going against the flow whenever possible, I found myself grinning¬† like a fool at what I saw. It really made me happy. Diversity, tolerance, simple happiness and the best cross section of what Ventura California is, rolling down Main St: brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, fathers, mothers, grandparents, daughters, sons, neighbors.

But really, it could be anywhere, USA. And it should be. My friend Kathleen Fitzgerald coined the phrase The Real California, for Ventura. To me it is bigger than that, but only because of the people who call it their home.

As a group of us leave here for Indonesia today, we go  as ambassadors from a place that many believe does not really exist: land of the free, home of the brave. We go walking and speaking softly, and proudly, with open arms. I hate the term Ugly American. America should never be ugly. It all starts in your home town. I love mine, and will miss it while I am away.

A poignant soliliquy is here.

So if you missed the Parade, here are 60 images from 160 views of “An American Dream on Main Street.” Everybody loves a parade.

Click on the images for a full view.

For This Day at Least

For This Day at Least

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