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Ode to Resolution

Sunday, January 12th, 2014
Nuclear Surreality

Nuclear Surreality

My wife slipped into my office this morning as I was experiencing this piece. She said what I was thinking:

“That is the soundtrack to Fukushima.”

Here is a remarkable performance of The Dark Knight – Hans Zimmer /James Newton Howard -LIVE by the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra and Choir, a part of the Masterpiece show. I would like to re-name it though:¬† “Dark Night, An Ode to Resolution”.

As is rarely so obvious a circumstance, we have a fantastic opportunity to evolve as a species as a result of what has gone on unabated for almost three years now at the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Electric Power Generating Station.

This is because we can now comprehend what the true fruit of the dark thinking expounded upon during the Cold War era has wrought for the world. It’s terminus has been the expensive and deleterious impact on the ecosystem of a hemisphere. It was an unwise choice, to say the least. But really, we are quite fortunate, if we simply take this as a lesson, and think better-choose well, in moving forward.

This is a great film sent along through a network of people engaging in remediation of the disaster at Fukushima. It is called the “Atomic States of America”. Essential viewing,¬† as it is both educational and inspiring.

Here is a highly informative interview of Dr Michio Kaku, a physicist. It is titled “The End of Humanity”.¬† The message in it is anything but being about that.

Here is an informative videoblog from former Nuclear Industry Executive and Engineer, Arnie Gundersen, of Fairewinds Energy Education. It is titled West Coast Radiation Exposure: What are the risks?

My hope is that a higher level of information begins to develop within the public sector, and that Humanity begins to take it’s leadership to task regarding errant choices that have continually sent us down the dark road of war, suffering and unsustainability.

We can do better. In order to, we must be better than what we as members of our separate Nations have been in the past, where people were divided and apportioned as assets in a machine which has neither compassion or common sense.

Under Nuclear Skies

Under Nuclear Skies


Blue Statute

Blue Statute



The Morning After (Veterans Day)

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013
Phoenix Patriot Foundation

Phoenix Patriot Foundation

I did not do my customary blog entry on Veterans Day yesterday. To be honest, it was more out of embarrassment, than anything else.

As everyone went about engaging the socially acceptable platitude of “Thanking a Veteran”,¬† I could not help but be very uncomfortable by what I have been watching happen to our Veterans in recent years. The day as a holiday yesterday, made me even more miserable about being an American.

It is no secret, nor is it news in any way, that War is waged on the backs of our youth. That the Political Will, embedded in a Nation’s employing of Imperialism, is carried out under order by our Military.

But what has happened to us when as a Nation, we have leaders who think nothing of kicking Veterans in the mouth when their active service is complete, as a matter of policy?

As I watched the President issue his rhetoric-driven Veterans Day message yesterday, I could not even be angry about the amorality of it, as I have come to expect that sort of thing from the man, as it is part of the job description for Politicians to tell us what we want to hear. He exemplifies the most pointed aspects of bad leadership to me. An expensive mistake in many ways.

But those people who went to War deserve more than words. In fact, they need much more.

I am seriously embarrassed by what I am seeing Vets go through today.

Here is a telling piece from the New York Times on losing a son to a broken system.

Yesterday I was sent a very inspiring story written by Kevin Cody, which is about a Surfer named Peff Eick, and a music video the veteran of Vietnam had made, and the man’s continuing service to his fellows. Read the article and watch the video here.

Bill Moyers writes on it all, here.

Tom Waits nails it all down, in Hell Broke Luce, and shares it here.

Hell Broke Luce was informed by this story.

I hope this series of links serves to better inform us all regarding the larger scale of our Veterans, who I see not as victims, really, but as highly trained assets that were a part of a disciplined fighting force. A great leader does not flush high value assets. You care for them.

You also never leave your people behind, let alone kick them when they are down. This is a Military standard, not a generally accepted public one. We maybe ought to consider changing that.

Thank a Vet? Bullshit. Words are cheap. Do something for them. There is a high value in that. And it is not because it feels good or gets you some sense of belonging, but because it is the right thing to do. Maybe if we all hold ourselves to that standard, at some point we will begin to elect people to office who will as well.

Civic Duty

Civic Duty



Tis the Season

Friday, November 23rd, 2012



We all know what the Holidays in North America typically are significant of: the prior sacrifices and services of the forbearers of the Nation and Christianity. Of course aside from those, at the core, it should be about the inception of gratitude.

Traditions are funny things. Over time the embeds get, well… buried.

Seth Godin has this to say about it today.

Black Friday. Really? I hate the name. Black, the absence of light, love, or gratitude.

My wife, Donna had to explain it to me. Keep in mind, such has been my own transformation, that she was tutoring a man with approximately 20 years of product manufacturing and retail experience. This is what she told me last night as my sons, and two of my colleagues were sharing some Thanksgiving time together.

“David, Black Friday is about putting retailers back in the black on their balance sheets. You know, as opposed to being in the red! ”

“Oh, I see.” And I did. But likely not what she thought.

We are so wrapped up in the day to day struggles here in this country that we are easily sold out, and  that  personal resolve, it sometimes becomes an unwitting and yes, even unwilling participant in something we ought to refrain from.

Well why should we resist? I mean, isn’t this supposed to be about giving? What are we to do?

Easy. Never stop doing what we can, and do it for no other purpose as to act in an expression of what is in our heart. Better make sure what is in there is not Black. It really needs to be white.

This weekend, Donna is having a company sale at her retail and online stores. But her take is a little bit different. Hurricane Sandy gutted the East Coast. There is no way existing Govt programs are going to be able to do much to alleviate suffering as Winter descends.

All week long, while I had been wrestling with issues regarding Blue Ocean Sciences and OceanLovers tech project for radiation remediation in Japan, Donna had been studying up on the problem of the East Coast. I had given her little in the way of hard advice, but had explained what to look for.

I do work in affiliation with K38 Rescue. We are tutored and trained in disaster response. I know a bit about the process, especially after witnessing what Shawn Alladio did during Katrina, and more.

So here is what Donna found. On the East Coast is a group Called Clean Ocean Action. For many years they have coordinated social and environmental programs on the East Coast. On Dec 8th they have a projects call, were they want everyone to contact them and will act as a liason to put resources where they need to go. As a trained first responder, I have to state and underscore, that this is VERY smart.

So instead of a Black Friday push, Donna and Betty B will donate 25% of all sales both online and in her store all weekend long, to Clean Ocean Action, and write a check and send it on Monday. NOT black. Green. Understand?

That is how we all ought to think: reach out, connect, and do so intelligently.

Giving is really about the beneficiary and not us, as the givers. That gets buried, much as one would think that it does not.

My brilliant friend Pete Ippel, left me a note on Facebook which I found this morning. A youtube piece called Buy NOTHING Day.

“Gratitude. It is a response to the gifts that are given to us in life. And when we commit to a life of gratitude, life becomes a complete gift of receiving and giving. It brings peace and contentment as a result. “-¬† Dr. Ed Brenegar

I unfortunately do not sell much, but I do have affiliates who carry some of my work.

This weekend, Solitary Exposure is doing a promotional sale. Donna also has a bit of my framed Artwork that she sells in her Fir St Store here in Ventura. So let’s do this. I will take 25% of my royalty payments from all sales via Betty B and Solitary Exposure from today till Christmas, and write a check to Clean Ocean Action in their mission to alleviate suffering from Hurricane Sandy.

But what I want any one you to do is this: say or write to Larry Beard or Donna, that you are grateful for what they are doing. Express gratitude in word and deed.

That matters.


Here is a little gift.

It is what is in my own heart, after much study about what goes on in Japan right now. I will write on that when I have a bit more time.

Aloha oe, a hui ho.


Thursday, November 10th, 2011
Crimson is the Color

Crimson is the Color

I often wonder what goes through the mind of some people who, intent on winning, never consider that, in the pursuit and application of the process of the win, they are working to insure a contract be executed on their existence.

I cannot recall how many times I have endeavored to explain symbiosis versus parasitism to some  low talent underling, who is convinced that I should spend everything that I have to support their vision. It seems that they all came out from under their respective rocks this week.

“Pay, oh we don’t pay anything for other people’s work”. (Think about a City Manager getting paid 200K a year who wants citizens (artists,musicians) to ante up for, well, whatever…….)

Note to underling: “How is that dead end entity, which is based on free content working out with your advertisers and supporters, hmm?” Sooner or later your subsidized job, in your tax foil organization, will end, and you will be gainfully unemployed.

The race to the bottom, frequently is overlooked by the footsoldiers in the lead.

I saw that this week in my home town. Politics are very similar to the publishing business. Fortunately, both are metered by both readers and the public, ultimately.



Any intelligent investor knows this:

Ethics matter.

All con men will try to convince you that the opposite of what you know, is true. They can be so convincing that frequently I have seen them believe their own line of compelling manipulation. It is what keeps them moving forward. They believe.

What Matters

What Matters

In business and in life, how you ride, run, lead, follow, in the race, is everything. At the end of the day, it is only you who looks back at your Maker. The choices we have in this Country? Well, someone paid for those. Best to appreciate and cherish that.

This link is to an e book on the aspects of Leadership, written by Dr Ed. Brenegar, who is coming to visit Donna and I this week end. I highly recommend it. One never knows when one may be forced to lead. Having tools to be good at it, is important.

This image is courtesy of the US Military Press Corps. I did not shoot it. I would have had a very difficult time doing so.

 United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Phillip A. Myers, of Hopewell, Virginia, died April 4 near Helmand province, Afghanistan.

United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Phillip A. Myers, of Hopewell, Virginia, died April 4 near Helmand province, Afghanistan.

Pursuing Happy

Saturday, November 5th, 2011
Happiness Is

Happiness Is

One of the things that always strikes me about Bali and the Balinese is the degree of happiness which exists.

Some may say that being happy is a choice. Well it is, sort of. But not the type of selection one may suspect. Happiness is in the choices open to you as an individual and member of a Community, and in the case of a Citizen of the US, the pursuit of it, is a National Guarantee.

Here is a fantastic read on Happiness, by Dr William B Stewart. Take close note of what he says about the US Bill of Rights and Constitution.



I very recently returned from Bali, a supposed “Third World” nation, to Ventura California. A place that by all rights and history, should be a bastion of freedom and happiness, seeing it was founded on the backs of settlers who became ranchers, farmers and¬† oil field workers. One would call those, “salt of the earth” types. People whose families and existence were based on the pursuit of happiness.

However, (and I write this with great reluctance) a cancer moved into my Community in the past decade. Lubricated by money and the pursuit and love of it, a Socio-Political faction obtained control of the town through the City Council and hiring of a dis-re located City Manager to run the town, which proved to be at the expense of the freedom and happiness of the township, which is a Corporation.

Repressive Disconnect

Repressive Disconnect

As the US economy spiraled into a new abyss, those people engaged in a philosophy of  City Governance one would at best call repressive, and at worst Totalitarian. The irony of course, being that most of the empowered are rather well paid at Taxpayer and Community expense.

Red Light Traffic cameras were installed, as a means of obtaining a new source of income. Parking pay stations were installed in the Downtown as a means of controlling traffic and the populace, under the guise of progress, killing it, at the expense of 1.8 million dollars. Only two City Council members resisted fairly consistently, Jim Monahan and Neil Andrews.¬† City¬† Mayor Bill Fulton, City Manager Rick Cole and the other Council members,¬† pushed for all of it,¬† on occasion, shouting down and conspiring against any who disagreed with the repressive and money losing attempts to create a “Sustainable Urban development” out of what is really a sprawling village.



I have long been involved in Ecological Study and Rules development and the more foot to the ground aspects of Environmentalism and Progressive development. I have never seen such an obvious attempt at Greenwashing and false flag flying under the guise of Sustainability, as I have seen by the leadership at large in Ventura Ca. Look into the backgrounds of the various members of City Governance and their allegiances, and you will find development companies and interests. You will find six figure salaries. You will find  a potential for corruption that makes Indonesian Govt look like a school for choir boys.

In Sustainable Systems, architecture demands that needs be met with available assets, thereby perpetuating the system itself. What Ventura has gotten shoved down it’s throat by these well compensated individuals is the opposite of that. It is the definition of Parasitism, where eventually the foreign entity kills or severely damages the host.

For this Community to thrive, the drain on it  must be removed.

Ever hear of the term “Proactive Zoning and Code Enforcement”? That is where the City Zoning and Code enforcement people show up at the door, flash a badge (They are actually NOT Law Enforcement) and ask to enter your home under the guise of A) Having a complaint lodged by some mystery person or B) Just wanting to make sure that your property is “safe”.

Then, IF the homeowner is gullible enough to let the inspector in, that CITY EMPLOYEE cites the occupant of the home (citizen) for anything that they can find and fine them for. Cannot pay it? No problem. The City of Ventura leins the home and it goes on the list for collection by the County Tax Assessor and sale later, by the County of Ventura if you still cannot pay. No kidding. Approx 148 homes are currently on that list and the Institute for Justice in Washington DC sent a letter to the City (watch their video on the 14th Amendment!), saying it was in violation of the Constitution of the United States. Not one of these homeowners was offered time payment plans or a hardship application.

A once proud heritage

A once proud heritage

So there is a City Council Election next week in Ventura, and three seats are being contested. The incumbents have made clear choices about their and the City’s future happiness. The challengers, (With the exception of candidate Cheryl Heitman, who moved to Ventura from Thousand Oaks this year) are long term members of the Community. Some have at great personal expense, fought against what has been done to their town. One of them, Ken Cozzens, is a retired Sheriff and local business owner (both highly qualifying vocations to have represented in office). Another, Carla Bonney, even went so far as to acquire nearly 12k Citizen signatures that would place the parking pay stations on the ballot, only to have her community building efforts be halted by City Attorney Ariel Calonne, who had been informed of the efforts all along. What he did looked very bad. It may have been what it looked like. It may not. But in any event, the people who all thought they should get the opportunity to VOTE on the changes rammed down their throats by the Mayor, City Council, Rick Cole and the Downtown Ventura Organization, were denied that opportunity.¬† Get the picture?

There is more. Much more.¬† I HATE dirty laundry, and my town like many, has skeletons which maybe ought not be exhumed. Or maybe they should? Ever read about our town Cemetery that was turned into a dog park illegally? Today, dogs walk where bodies still lie interred, the area scraped of grave markers, which were dumped in Hall Canyon. The City uses the issue to distract the public from the real issue: this large Midtown section of the city is the only section that has no real parks, so people continue to fight over the use of a cemetery. Legally, that is exactly what it still is. People’s families and the History of Ventura are buried there! No park for you, but here, have this cemetery. The dead won’t mind. After all, they are dead. The act violates all manner of State and Federal codes as well as the basic conventions of humanity in every culture of the earth. To make matters even more onerous, one James Sumner, a Medal of Honor holder, is also interred there. Ventura just wanted a park. Parks are happy places. Cemeteries are about something else. The bodies lie there still. Understand?

Goal of Governance

Goal of Governance

Now don’t get me wrong. Politics are dirty business and politicians seldom are leaders of any real sort. They typically only follow the money trail. So why expect Ventura to be different?

Because Venturans live there. And for that reason this tract of Coastal Land could possibly be one of the most vital assets in California. But only if Venturans determine the direction and application of Law, Civil Liberty, and Development. We must pursue Happiness. We must seek it out, architect it, and make it work for our future generations. There is smart growth in that. Anything less is just demise.

As the Occupy Movement and¬† crime in high places, struggle together for control, the only real chance for happiness, is for the community to assume control of it’s destiny, and in doing so, be allowed the opportunity to pursue liberty and happiness. It is why I will not expatriate, much as I love the peace that exists elsewhere in the world. It is why I am and remain, an American. That is my choice. I am not paid to be here. I want to be here.

Want to see a happy future for your children? Occupy your town. Take it back from those who are there to milk it for personal gain. You and I must do this. There is no one else with that responsibility, who will do it for us.

I hope things change, yes. But regardless of who is in a City Govt position, we all have an investment in our Communities, and must believe it to be worth all of the struggle to restore, and must understand, that eventually, the townships of America will be occupied by the Citizens, and not prurient interests hiding behind false flags.

Icon of  Ventura Justice: Judge McGrath's home

Icon of Ventura Justice: Judge McGrath's home

Seems like a prudent thing to me: the pursuit of happiness. For everyone. It is why our founders wrote it into the Law.

My son Josh produced this. A young man who is an idealist rooted in the realism of our National Socio-Political condition.  A Venturan.  No Substitute.  He gets it. So should we.

Love your family. Cherish your Community. Occupy. Take your town back. Make it YOUR homeland. You restore our Country by doing so.

That is an honorable thing.

Light Fantastic: Happiness

Light Fantastic: Happiness

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