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The Here and Now of Creativity

Monday, December 26th, 2011
The Happy One

The Happy One


There is very key thing which has literally made my career, and caused me to flourish in some pretty dangerous situations. In yet another deep Facebook conversation, this time with an old friend and colleague named Brent Schlea, we covered it. Focus. Or possibly more to the point: Hyperfocus.  What that means basically, is being so in the moment, that you see and feel and experience time, Spirit, Soul and Body. For an Artist, that can be a fantastic tool.

There is that proposition that humans only use a small percentage of our brain’s computing power. I see it differently. We have computers now that exceed the computational power of the human brain. But we will NEVER create a man who via his soul, can connect to different bits of information in diverse dimensions simultaneously, You have the five senses. Tether those to the soulical and the spiritual aspects of Man and you have touched the hand of God. That would be us potentially.

Ever see the film Limitless? The trailer is here. It is a lot like that. You remove limits when you begin to be, right where you are. I have always thought the life of Jesus to be one of, if not the,  pre eminent best example of this.

The images in this blog post are a tiny, I mean VERY small, slice of work from a  couple days here over the Holiday. I know that I am one of an infinite number of people who have gained a grasp on the principle of being in the moment. It is a heady and vital perfume for a creative, as it allows you to communicate something that the casual observer would never have noticed. It is walking between the lines of the script of life on the planet here.

So why do it?

Because if we do, it changes things. IN a world that is entropy laced, creativity connects Creation with God.

And that experience feels incredible. The world needs more incredible. It wants your version of it.

Van der Claus

Van der Claus

One of my favorite songs  is:  Oh Holy Night by Willie K. A great example of the light of Creativity.

A FlashMob Version that grabbed and drew me in is right here, and done by a group of Christians (Journey of Faith) in a Redondo Shopping Mall. I love the fact that Scripture teaches that Faith without works, is dead. We all need more Faith right now. It changes things. That really is what this post is all about actually: knowing, even as we are known. Hope some people grasp that.

So a wonderful and blessed Christmas to you, where ever you are, and whenever you happen to read this. Would that it was always Christmas in our hearts.

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