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Pursuit of Light: An Easter Message

Sunday, March 31st, 2013
Pursuit of light

Surfer gliding through a wave

It is no real news, the Easter message. Neither is it too terribly innovative a concept that we all are children of the light. From our conception, through our birth and time on the Earth through our passing here, the entire mission statement is about renewal and following: light.

However to engage and embrace that which birthed us is a choice, and every Springtime as Easter rolls around, I am reminded of a choice someone who called themselves the Son of Man made over two thousand years ago.

Sounds like a long time, two thousand years. But it really isn’t. Not in the geological timeframe of things here on Earth, let alone in the Astronomical scope of Space, and all that exists. That choice changed things.

Man is special in that he gets to choose his path. He goes on, somewhere, as the Earth renews. That potential is quite a gift.

Here is another present. The Pursuit of Light from Nasa.

A beautiful piece of Art and so illustrative of today’s topic.

Have a great Easter. Renew.

Aloha nui loa.

Dolphin Rise

Dolphin Rise





Wednesday, August 17th, 2011



One of the linchpins in the success of my imaging career, has been the ability to recognize and communicate beauty. Sounds simple. The reality is far from that. The reason being, is that beauty is a complex subject, and really has little to do with obvious and apparent physical attributes.

Take the image above. Pretty girl. I made her prettier with my skills as a photographer. But what makes this beautiful, is understanding. Me taking the time to understand who and what she is, made me want to pursue working with her.¬† Jentry is the daughter of two¬† remarkable parents. She is a dancer with discipline, talent and creative vision, and has what I like to call: “purity of motivation”.

In other words, she “gets it”. That makes her inspiring. This translates to real beauty. You cannot forge beauty. It may be counterfeited to those who only see in the superficial tones¬† communicated in today’s highly compromised value systems. But true beauty will always be above corruption.

That is probably why I attach myself to the Ocean so willingly. It is difficult to corrupt that. It goes on. Powerful and Beautiful in it’s intricate workings and purpose. Water is life and carries within it the energy signature of the universe.¬† When we experience beauty, it resonates in the human heart in much the same manner as a string plucked or stroked on a musical instrument which vibrates and exudes sound.¬† Beauty is like that: pure in tone and motivation.

Blue Pulse

Blue Pulse

My phone rang early yesterday morning. I was online and engaged in a written conversation with Dr. Ed Brenegar about corruption in our culture. Ed is a very educated member of a global leadership community. He always seems to be on point and is generally writing what I am thinking .

The voice on the other end was my friend George Orbelian, who was ringing to speak with me regarding an event being put on by Tre Packard of the Japanese based Environmental action group, Pangea Seed.

Pangea is putting on an Art event in SF, and had sought some help in promoting it. I had suggested Tre speak with George, who is a loved and connected member of the SF Community, and heads a plethora of Organizations.

George is a busy man. He always gets right to the point. “David, what can you tell me about Pangea?” I went straight to the heart of it. I knew what George was asking. “They endeavor to change the perception of Japanese culture through Art and Inspiration, George. Being Japan based, they understand cultural tenets and know that in order to implement real change, the head on approach to Environmental Activism that we use in American Culture is ineffective. Pangea has what I would call a very pure approach. They communicate the beauty and importance of preserving sharks and other marine life, in building a healthy ocean and country. They get it.”



“That is perfect. Okay I know what to do”. George is like that. We all should be. One needs to check behind the facade these days. For often, what appears to be beautiful and pure, may be something else by the time you see it, than what it was when it was born.

I asked my friend a question. “George, are all Environmental Govt agencies and NGO’s corrupt? I mean, is that just the way things are today? ” (George heads up Project Kaisei, an NGO Environmental entity).

I gave him a brief account of a locally based NGO that was founded on the premise of serving the poor, and what I had recently learned about the leadership, one of which is paid a 200K annual salary.



“Let me tell you a story” George quietly launched into an account of some close friends of his, who had gone to India to do some humanitarian work. In process they found themselves in the facility of a world famous organization headed up by a global religious figurehead. What they saw there perplexed and alarmed them.

In the facility was a large  room being used as a nursery. Against one wall of the dirty room was a huge pile of toys apparently discarded and untouched. In cribs throughout the room where infants. Grimy, marginally cared for. George began to choke up and explained that this was difficult to talk of. He went on.

“As my friends began to pick up and meet each child, they realized that the children were being left in there. They were never taken outside. They tried to make a difference in caring for them. But it was obvious what was going on. (George describes in intimate detail what those aide workers saw. Chokes up more)

“Thanksgiving was a few days away. They figured that maybe they could help by easing the lot of the women in the religious order, who were a part of the operation. So each member of the party picked something to cook and on Thanksgiving, they brought the people at the orphanage a beautiful traditional American Thanksgiving meal.

As they brought it in, one of the workers there, realizing that the group was trying to do a good thing, took them aside and explained something. The people of the Religious order ate like that every day. A prestigious Hotel chain catered all of their meals. They also told them this: “And you see some of those unkempt babies? Those neglected, discarded children? Some of them were born to the members of the order.”

In tears, George explained “Everything goes this way, they are all bad. But they generally do not start out that way. It is just the process that organizations go through.”

In tears as well, I got it.

Beauty is an honorable state of being. The pretty face of the warm fuzzy thing you thing you feel compelled to “save”? Well, you may have just fed something corrupt. In not looking, and not endeavoring to see, you may have contributed to something evil.

No one wants to abuse babies.

People are what matter.

Be the solution.

Seek beauty.




When we do this, if we do this, we take the lead, and engage the creative process, rather than becoming a part of the destructive process, also known as entropy. That should matter greatly. It cedes to accountability and responsibility. Our organizations need this.

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World Oceans Day

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011
Me for the Ocean

Me for the Ocean

This is another in the blog series on  California. Ch 3.

Today is a movement generated day called World Oceans Day. You can read about it’s History here.

More years ago then I care to admit to, I had a couple custom board shaping appointments with two men. One board was for Tom Pratte. The other was for  Reed Wolpert. As we chatted together in two separate shaping sessions, both men told me about a concern that they had.

They each saw California as being engaged in a very dangerous trend. It was the walling off of the Coastline by development, and closing of historic access ways to the beach and Ocean to surfers, and ultimately loss of those grandfathered access ways to the public at large. They, along with a few other men, committed lives and assets to stopping this. I remember our conversations well, as they took place in my shaping room in Santa Barbara California. This was in the birth period of the Surfrider Foundation when they, along with Glen Henning, founded the group. SR was later lead to prominence by Rob Caughlan.

The organization has changed dramatically over ensuing generations. Suffering as many well intentioned valiant organizations do, from a process called Mission Creep.¬† Both men are gone now.¬† The same problems persist with Ocean and Coastal Access.¬† It shrinks. Even more so as that Organization foundered in it’s original intent, in process of becoming a sort of PAC, as many NGO’s are want to do.

For Surfers, and the rest of the Ocean Tribe, EVERY day is Ocean Day. But I sure appreciate the concept and well meaning intentions, none the less, of the people who founded it.



Lets keep the access to our Oceans open. Lets regulate the ones whose words and deeds destroy it. Seek sustainable solutions to utilizing it’s rich resources, and while we are there, if you happen to see a bit of trash, simply pick it up.

This piece is called Walk On The Ocean. It is timeless, and a message from my Community on this Golden Coast. The group was a Santa Barbara Icon. Toad The Wet Sprocket.

Sovereign Queen: Rincon

Sovereign Queen: Rincon

The Ocean is our lifeline. We should all cherish and rejoice in it. A pretty simple, yet equally vital, avocation for some, but a way of life for many of my friends. It joins us all together in a baptism which imbues life.

We ARE the change. I think both Tom And Reed would appreciate that. Thanks to all of the rest of you who do as well.



Windows of Perception

Saturday, July 17th, 2010
Nias Dawn

Nias Dawn

Perspective is a unique line item for all of us. Our own Point Of View (POV for short) is one that, being our own, may not seem particularly special to us. I find myself overlooking the fact that I can be rather unique. You may tend to do that as well.

As a photographer, writer, film maker, I am all about communicating a designated POV. I decide what perspective a subject ought to be examined from, in order to best embrace a particular viewer-audience.

This was one heckuva busy week. I shot a music video, BMX, a performance music video piece, K38 rescue work, did editorial fulfillment for lifestyle and some fashion publications. In each project, it was my choice of POV which made the work have appeal, or¬† “cachet” as I like to call it.

Here is a great clip, where the POV the film maker chose in communicating a mans job place, is a best case example. From music to narration to lens perspective, I was completely smitten by this.

Be you. It matters.

The gallery below is from this week. A short look at a thousand images and 6 hours of motion picture, most of it shot in the last 6 days. All work was filmed with the Canon 5DM2. Sound was captured using the  Beachtek DXA controller with Rode Shotgun and Audiotechica Propoint symphonic mics. One thing for sure, Canon not only makes my POV possible, they make it easy!

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