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Friday, April 30th, 2010


Some of us may have thought that it was an oxymoron to call our locally produced little magazine, Deep. I mean as paper publishing began to spiral, here were a bunch of us doing a locally based magazine called Deep. It had seemed a little bit ironic.  The publication was based on one begun in Goleta originally and called Wetsand Magazine. It was soon absorbed by the News Press and was called Blue Edge. As the News Press version tailspun in response to business issues, Deep sprung up, and many if not all of the contributors began to throw in behind Publisher Mike Van Stry,  editor Chuck Graham, director Andres Nunez as Deep was born out of RMG Ventures, a Carpinteria based publishing concern.

Here is the letter Shannon Menzel and I received today. The ad in reference, is one that Ventura based Wetsand, originally an online  only concern, which began in a meeting at Dos Pueblos Ranch many years prior, with me handing off 40 images to Henry Schulte. Wetsand now also has both retail and wholesale offices on Main St in Ventura and is run by Chuck Menzel and family.


I wanted to congratulate you guys. We were at an awards conference last week and DEEP won 7 national awards at our annual AFCP conference. Over 2,000 entries were submitted from over 130 companies nationwide.

Your ad with Mary lying on her back that ran in our January/February 2009 issue won second place for original photography used in an ad!

Thats bad ass!

Thanks for all of your help with the mag and for the support!

Andres Nu√Īo
DEEP Surf Magazine
Facebook: DEEP Surf Magazine

As larger publications lose touch with their contributors, go advertising based for their content sources, and destroy the editorial integrity (and market value) of their publications, thinking that no one will notice, Deep magazine stayed entrenched in the sport and community. My continual rant to set our bar higher has been tolerated with good humor, and patience by my editors. I am really lucky that they tolerate me, and give me article space and a cover every once in awhile.

Seth Godin writes a very timely blog on this subject.

Though I have gotten a lot of advertising and photography awards, this one was especially sweet, due to the integrity of the publication and looking for the deep, rather than shallow end. Nice work!

Dos Pueblos Ranch, Gaviota Coast

Dos Pueblos Ranch, Gaviota Coast

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