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The Collaborative Effect

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012
Collaborative Effect

Collaborative Effect

Years ago, Larry Moore, aka Flame, my Photo Editor at Surfing, took me aside and told me to do something. “Find people who you like to be with, who will work with you, and together, you guys concentrate on building new work. That is how great work comes” Because of that conversation, I never became a Surf Photographer per se. I became a collaborator.

The image above is a piece of Art I finished today. The surfer in it is Sean Tully. Sean is a highly developed student of Surfing and in particular, the heritage of that lifestyle driven avocation. He is also a highly educated and pensive Student and proponent of Fine Art. When he and I get together on a project, creative magic occurs. Every time. It is far greater, what transpires as a result of our efforts, than anything which would occur if either of us pursued a work on our own. Why? Because it illustrates the energy of two souls in harmony, while in critical pursuit of the creation of an astute statement.

Brian Kasbar sent this film to me by acclaimed director Tom Shadyac. It came on the heels of a conversation with Shawn Alladio, Ed Brenegar and some others, on the subject of leadership, and in particular, Team Building.

The film is called “I AM” You can watch it here. it is 3×26 minute segments. I highly recommend it.

The film left me a bit unsettled after a critical view. It took me about 2 minutes to figure out why. Though it connects most of the dots fairly well, about how we as a part of creation and universe, could change things by better choices, it fails, (and this may be by intent on the part of the film maker) to elaborate on exactly how we ought to DO that: make the shift. Yes, it alludes to Love being the way. But it does not illustrate to the viewer how to connect to love, aside from making the choice to connect with others and in doing so, with better intentions and thought, the entire Universe will shift.



It will not. (Though yours may)

Here is why.

We are all designed as a part of the plan of the Grand Architect, to be individual lightning rods, so to speak, of the Light of the World. That light in fact, really is Sound. Some call it God. (I know I do) By it everything was created that is. Your spirit is your antenna, you connect to the sound and begin to broadcast light by a choice made via your soul.

The film leaves out that aspect. Big problem, creating an equation for change, and leaving out a principle integer, because you never come to the correct conclusion (The film examines integers)

In all teamwork, one must come under submission to a leadership. In response, what a good leader does, is create an environment that encourages the individual to grow, while under the larger umbrella of authority, and in turn do the same with others. That is also known as collaboration. In fact, that is the destiny of mankind.

The way our mortal world is architected spiritually (Think deeper than religion, think creative energy, think love) it acts as a barrier to that level of collaboration. It lies. At least on the face of things. Why? Oh, that goes back eons, to a choice an element of creation made to supercede the authority of the Creator and by choice put on a disguise that looks like love, but is only meant to deceive the rest of creation. It’s name is Adversary. It lives here. It is also called a messenger (angel) of Light

You will never get there by leaving out the key component, because you really do have an adversary.

Best to meet your collaborator today.

It begins with and in you, the entrance of light, and  to link with something regenerative, completely, immersively, creative and loving.

Yes it is your choice: destiny.

Or not.



Here is one of the greater messages in film I have  come across. It was made by Dana Saint and Gnarly Bay Productions.

The film is in a contest of sorts at Vimeo right now. Watch Story For Tomorrow here, and please, if it touches you, take a moment to weigh in on that.

Going Deeper

Monday, April 9th, 2012

My colleague and friend, Dr Andrea Neal, of Blue Ocean Sciences, sent me this very cool piece on Tom’s Shoes (who I really admire) today.

It is very in theme for this blog series. Many of us are looking at ethics and architecture these days. It is essential if one really wants to make an accurate difference.

In surfing, being accurate is 90 percent of the battle in being competent and thriving. (I frequently relate everything back to the oceans)

To be there and successful in surfing you need to know the Architecture of the Earth and have skill. If you do that, your experience is challenging, rewarding and allows one to move forward without a serious hold down or wipe out. The best way to survive in challenging surf? Choose a wave that you know you can make. Don’t wipe out. Simple eh?

But you would be amazed at the number of people who refuse to apply these basic principles to things which they choose to support or believe in.



Here is how I see it:

Architecture, and really great design,  begins with the Philosophy of the designer.

In Nature (which was designed by God) you see this, the brilliance of great Architecture, as well as the heart of the philosophy being espoused.

Herein is contained both the problem and it’s solution.

It is not easy.

But it is simple.

God is Love.

Use Love as your benefit quantifier.

Watch what happens.

Seth Godin absolutely nails the validity of an accurate voice in his Blog today “Is Everyone Entitled to Their Opinion?”

Here is a fantastic piece on Man and Nature, by Frances Moore Lappe entitled “How to Think Like an Ecosystem”.

Drew Kampion states: “Life IS a wave”  So choose wisely. Or you may find yourself on one of these, below.

Beautiful Closeout

Beautiful Closeout

Earth Angel

Friday, March 5th, 2010


angel |ˈānjəl|
1. a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God.

“So let the Earth give testimony.”

I was raised in Santa Barbara. Most of my earliest and therefore strongest influences, were based on my native Hawaiian Culture’s perception of man’s place in the world, and the catch all of SB culture’s budding eco consciousness, and the science based tenets of our University and College.

But one of the most basic of principals, and something upon which my work is founded, came not from my social and cultural mores, it actually was planted in me at conception. No one really understands how life generates. For lack of any more accurate descriptive terminology, we call the impetus that creates life, the hand of God.

Man is unique in all that walks, swims and flies the Earth. He has a level of power to affect his environment. He is a minor architect fashioned in facsimile to a grand Architect. It is why we are so cognizant of beauty, and as our culture grows away from its native tribal roots, where we lived close to the land, this beauty can serve to bring our attention back to our primary essence. That is a very important aspect to having a healthy culture and society.

We reside in the most complex of systems. Recently, man has developed a computer that has exceeded the computational power of the human brain. We are capable of affecting Spaceship Earth either in a positive, or negative manner on a greater level than ever before in our history.

We parachute into this spinning, wonderous blue ball, and become someone.

Then we leave, small and great.  Each one of us has that in common.

The Earth was made for us. As a citizen of this place, residing in a country whose very Constitution recognizes the tenet of being under God, I have a great respect for our responsibility to reflect and nurture through stewardship, this amazing planet.

But here is the really great thing about this place: it goes on, whether we affect it positively or not. That is how God designed it. The Earth gives a living testimony to His Sovereignty.  Science bases much on the Law of Entropy, which is the progression of things towards disorder. Mankind is one of the only creatures that I am aware of, that can actually have some affect on Entropy, yet true affect is relatively minor, when put in a global scale, or geological timeline, for humanity.

But whether we choose to act as responsible passengers or not, the spaceship will arrive somewhere some day, with an entirely new crew.  So what is important to you? How do you fit in? What is your role?  In a season, there will be new flowers growing. Each a blossom unto itself.

Here is a link to a demo reel that I did awhile back. It is very illustrative of our Earth.

It pays to know who is in charge.  All the rest is just the short strokes.

U2 and Greenday: Getting it done. The saints are coming. And if that was not enough. Eno and U2 with One. Amazingly on point.

David Fortson of Loatree motivated this post. He is a catalyst for change and sustainable thinking.



Click on any of the images in the Gallery for a larger view. I did this edit as an Earthday Homage. It is a sliver of what I see, in any given moment, in my passage on this ship.


Monday, December 7th, 2009


Our lives are a lot like that of a wave, in how we roll through the sea of life, in an ocean of existence, headed for some place. But unlike a wave, we have choices we can make that determine our final destiny. Those choices determine who, and what we are, because we learn from them. Hopefully making for a somehow “better” you and I. The ability to choose is what makes us human. The desire to select by principle, can make us something else.

In the Gospel there is a key saying that has always spurred me when I needed it: “Faith without works is dead.” I sometimes need the spur to be taken to me. My friends and subjects are generally quite happy to oblige.

A simple e mail had dropped into my G mail in box mid week. It was from Venturan Steven Schleder, someone I had met in the course of our recent city elections. The crux of the message was: :”Are you still going?” The letter was in reference to a Memorial service for Col Lewis Millett. A man who had dropped everything and come to Steven’s aid several years ago in a quest to restore a desecrated graveyard in Ventura. You can read a little about that here via K38 Rescue’s blog. My home town did something vile in it’s past. Many believe that honor dictates the desecrated graveyard be restored somehow. Steven had been the sole man to charge up that hill. The city understandably, sought to marginalize him.  Now there are many more behind him. The number swells as our honor bound friends hear the sordid tale.

When I agree to shoot something, I know that my simple “yes” means anywhere from 2-5 days worth of work. In this case I had said yes 6 days prior and promptly shelved the affirmation. (I had forgotten about it.) Steven also asked if I could maybe shoot motion. Imagine a slot machine and all the little icons whizzing by.  Ding ding ding! That was my psyche the day I realized that my own word had snared me. Okay I would shoot a film now, in addition to stills.

A quick e mail to my partners and colleagues asking for someone to step forward, brought three responses from three men. Tyler Swain and Rob Dafoe would do it if there was no other. Aaron Marcellino said that though he had just arrived back in town by train that day, and was moving into a new house, he would be at my door at 6:30 Saturday morning with his motion kit. We have a good group. Any of us would come at a moment’s notice for another’s project. Each person has mad skills.

Aaron and I arrived at the Riverside Memorial which stands overlooking March AFB at 9:30 am and dragged our gear a 1/2 mile or so and without a word, fell into our separate production roles.

What passed before my eyes remains burned into my psyche. It will make for a great short film. I look forward to completing it. You can read more about Col Millett here.

If you have never been to a Military memorial, please take some time and look at these images. We made them to honor Col Lewis Millet: Medal of Honor holder, but much more than that, a man of God who earned his repose in a dedication to country, family and honor, out of love for his fellow man. No, the irony does not escape me. It enforces just how important this country and a true moral compass heading are.

This beautiful piece was sent along by my old friend, Terry Irwin. It says a lot about the human condition.

As we head towards Christmas, maybe ponder a little bit about sacrifice, love and strength. Have you made a choice about who and what you will follow? What shore you will wash up on?

Here is a beautiful piece about Christmas and small honors leading to great things.  Think about the beat of the snare as you see the casket headed for the dirt of a cemetery. Now think about someone bulldozing the thing. My town did that. They made it into a dog park. Bad choice.

Howitzer detail. Grave field.

Howitzer detail. Grave field.

Shawn Alladio.

Shawn Alladio.

How will your epitaph read?

How will your epitaph read?

From Drew Kampion:

A Song for Occupations
by Walt Whitman


Will you seek afar off? you surely come back at last,
In things best known to you finding the best, or as good as the best,
In folks nearest to you finding the sweetest, strongest, lovingest,
Happiness, knowledge, not in another place but this place, not for
another hour but this hour …

© 2009 David Pu'u. All rights reserved.