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The Island

Monday, May 10th, 2010
The Island

The Island

A sloop rode astride disparate shades of blue, the ocean looking as if Gauguin had paletted every tone of that color available in the universe. The lone boat sheered through, cutting the briefest of white swaths, which were deftly consumed by azure strokes of the artist’s brush. Wind sung in the lines, with slap of bow and gurgle of wake, a pleasant serenade.

There is a vitality that seems to exist at the Equator. Astride the foredeck, with one hand grasping a stainless steel stay, it’s smooth gnurling carried the feel of the wind’s energy, that traveled as a throbbing pulse into the core of a weather colored form, which peered off through the broad expanse of blue forever. Green eyes rapt with sapphire horizon, reflected in mid morning light, calmly observing. Mind wandering, as creation’s flow traveled from sail to wire to body, and down through brown feet astride the rough texture, of a cream colored deck.

Wind and Water

Wind and Water

The singing of the rigging rose in timbre as the breeze freshened. The sails tugged more insistently: going, some place.

On a downwind run, the little boat leapt forward and the tang of salt carried on the breeze imparted a hunger for eggs with pepper, something the sailor had not tasted in awhile.

Man and boat sought an island, which lay amongst the great strand of viridescent gems, that comprise the Maldivian chain, which lie to the South East of India, astride both Laccadive and Indian oceans.

Memories convey persistent motivation, and it had taken some doing to reach this stretch of water, far removed from the busy world of commerce and hubbub, whose raucous cries, the green eyed man never seemed to miss.

Laccadivian Vision

Laccadivian Vision

In deeds past, and promises future, lay inspiration, hope, and somewhere, a particular island, where Creator touched and Creation responded, in purest form, with something unique in all the world. He knew she waited, and could feel fate in that morning wind, alongside something else, scarcely perceptible.



Cira and The Mermaid

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009


Not many people know this, but when I began working in editorial as a writer and shooter, Europe was my market of choice. Not sure exactly why, but it seems like the editors who most frequently get it with me are from across the pond. It has always been that way.

I first was introduced to Cira Riedel, editor of the multi lingual action sport, art centered magazine 7Sky, online. Cira was looking for content for an issue he was putting together. A couple e mail image tosses back and forth via the inet clothesline and we were done. The next year he showed up in the US and spent some time with Donna and I researching for a magazine on creativity.

Imagine my surprise when he turned out to be a statuesque she. It had never occurred to me that it was a woman I had been chatting away with online. Says something about gender bias I suppose. And myopia.

Cira is one of those great individuals one wants in their circle. Artist, singer, writer, global thinker, she has a clear understanding of how things ought to be,  and how things that she is involved in should go. So while she was here we introduced her to some of our friends. Singer, songwriter, Hawaiian Justin Young who we went to LA to listen to. (Later that year, Justin was booked on to the Tonight Show) Artist and all around genius Edem Elesh. Writer George Orbelian. Historian Tom Stone.  It was a long list. Cira came back months later with the most amazing magazine.

A few months back I sent Cira my Mermaid image collection. It is an art based series which I had shot in the Maldives (An atoll nation south of India) with Hannah Frasier Rastovich. I had narrowed the final file down to 80 images and sent the collection out to all of the people whose critical opinions I value, and asked for their choices on best images in the group. Each responded in different fashion to the others. That is how my colleagues roll. They are complete individualists. Each response and selection was unique

To my surprise, Cira came back with a feature. It is in long form below and is characteristic of her wonderful perspective. Have to love a good editor. They make us what we are. At least in the eyes of the public.

You can see a motion picture segment of Hannah from a  film we are finishing here.


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