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Tuesday, March 25th, 2014


Sean Tully dropped me a note the other day, which had me scrambling to find an image file we created awhile back. I could not locate the high res finals, only some low res jpegs. So I referred to the original shot file where the camera raws reside, and had a little look.

What I found was a slew of work we had not really put out into editorial at that time. I think maybe two or three from this series had become magazine covers, but the rest, had just not been relevant as far as I could tell. But today I sort of went “wow” as I found them and set to work processing the images on two new programs that did not exist when these images were collected.

In a world where we tend to chase our tales sometimes in the mindset that new equals relevant, I was pleasantly surprised that these images far surpassed every single image of a brand name surf publication which arrived at my door today in their genre.

Made me think about my own choices a bit. In short order the work will get turned over to Corbis and general editorial and used in a couple feature projects I have on the back burner. But it really gave me pause regarding my own assent to the value of my work.

Here is a rather classic piece of music. It is relevant to me in that it still means something. What does this say? I guess one would need to want it to know. Relevance. Bendictus by 2 Cellos

Anyway, below are some of those images. Click on any of them for a full, uncompressed view.


_MG_5008 _MG_5016










Foundations of Change

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014


In the aftermath of the horrible events of Sept 11, 2001 I had found myself faced with a crossroads of sort which was quite unexpected.

On one hand was the road to being immersed in the disaster and shooting that. On the other was quite a different tack. That of leveraging the change which I would like to see in the world. I was unaware of the consequences of the choices before me as I settled in to create some imagery in the week after the event for Sygma News service through my agent, Corbis Images.

I found myself shooting through tears a lot that week. But it was not due to covering the death and destruction of the day, it was in documenting the beauty of a people drawn close together for the express end of the creation of hope, comfort and healing as a united people.

Since that time I have made it a steady effort to sow beauty into the world with my work.

Here is a quirky but beautiful piece done to my son Josh’s music that I put together as an entry for the Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown. It is called Obsessed.

Here is another one done to the Music of Matt Jennings, made while I was down with the flu recently entitled “The Forgotten Ones”.

This floored me when I ran across 2 Cellos after my friend and colleague Charlie Witmer introduced their work yesterday online. Benedictus as I have never heard it before. Beauty exists in many dimensions. Artists bring it back home.

All of this of course is really intended to inspire Gratitude. Here is a wonderful lesson on it from the Daily Good.

The Value of Story: Mavericks

Friday, January 31st, 2014

I am just back from witnessing the spectacle which is the Mavericks Invitational big wave event at Pillar Point, Half Moon Bay, Ca.

There are a huge number of stories surrounding this event, and I must select a few, and share those in Editorial. I worked this event with Deniece Watkins Smith who is a budding Photographer, sage Silicon Valley Real Estate Agent and wife to Cary Smith of the Pillar Point Harbor Patrol. We shot the event together. It was a lot of fun, challenge, and rich with story!

Here is a great piece on the value of Story.

Here is Go Pro’s take from 2013.

Keep in mind that 2014 was almost double the size and Go Pro was ready for it.

Story is everything. Pictures help. Here are a few from Mavericks. The first two are Deniece’s. She was great to work with on this. The shot of Ian getting wrecked on his SUP in the intermission is priceless. The one of Twiggy emoting behind Jeff Clark on hearing of the win is Photojournalism golden.

Click on the images for a larger view.


_MG_1738 _MG_1865 IMG_6934 IMG_6960 IMG_6995 IMG_7000 IMG_7033 IMG_7065 IMG_7144 IMG_7158 IMG_7196 IMG_7205 IMG_7224-3

The image below is what I saw when I got home from Mavericks. Ventura, Ca. I was immediately away again. This is proving to be a rather Historic season for me in terms of quality and volume of work produced. I am still shooting on the Canon 5DM2 system and it continues to allow me to set a bar for imaging that is quite high.


Ode to Resolution

Sunday, January 12th, 2014
Nuclear Surreality

Nuclear Surreality

My wife slipped into my office this morning as I was experiencing this piece. She said what I was thinking:

“That is the soundtrack to Fukushima.”

Here is a remarkable performance of The Dark Knight – Hans Zimmer /James Newton Howard -LIVE by the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra and Choir, a part of the Masterpiece show. I would like to re-name it though:¬† “Dark Night, An Ode to Resolution”.

As is rarely so obvious a circumstance, we have a fantastic opportunity to evolve as a species as a result of what has gone on unabated for almost three years now at the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Electric Power Generating Station.

This is because we can now comprehend what the true fruit of the dark thinking expounded upon during the Cold War era has wrought for the world. It’s terminus has been the expensive and deleterious impact on the ecosystem of a hemisphere. It was an unwise choice, to say the least. But really, we are quite fortunate, if we simply take this as a lesson, and think better-choose well, in moving forward.

This is a great film sent along through a network of people engaging in remediation of the disaster at Fukushima. It is called the “Atomic States of America”. Essential viewing,¬† as it is both educational and inspiring.

Here is a highly informative interview of Dr Michio Kaku, a physicist. It is titled “The End of Humanity”.¬† The message in it is anything but being about that.

Here is an informative videoblog from former Nuclear Industry Executive and Engineer, Arnie Gundersen, of Fairewinds Energy Education. It is titled West Coast Radiation Exposure: What are the risks?

My hope is that a higher level of information begins to develop within the public sector, and that Humanity begins to take it’s leadership to task regarding errant choices that have continually sent us down the dark road of war, suffering and unsustainability.

We can do better. In order to, we must be better than what we as members of our separate Nations have been in the past, where people were divided and apportioned as assets in a machine which has neither compassion or common sense.

Under Nuclear Skies

Under Nuclear Skies


Blue Statute

Blue Statute



Holy Water: A Christmas History

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013



Christmas began for me around  6 am on Dec 25th in 1955, when I was born.

My Mother had been on her way to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She had stumbled on the steps leading up to the church and labor began. I like to think it was me who pushed her. That somehow, I knew Christmas and I, we would need to become acquainted.

“Let me out!” I can imagine the look on my Mom’s face as she realized she would not be in church that day, Catholicism being what it was at that time in History.

I was to be the first born of six children. My  Hawaiian Father was attending Marquette University on a GI Bill program, and had met my Yugoslavian Mother. The rest sorta makes me smile. (I know how Hawaiians are about women)

So… A lifetime of Christmas-Birthdays later, and it seriously is my favorite time of year. But not for reasons one might suspect.

My Mother always made a huge to do about Christmas. My parents were generous to a fault. It is all that I remember, the fantasy of it and the generosity.

But what really made Christmas special had nothing to do with gift wrapping, Christmas Trees or Santa, much as I relished it all and loved it. What made the day unique to me, occurred one Fall day, as I was walking to Parochial school. I believe I was in third grade.

I used to make the rather long walk solo, and recall a particular day well. I had made my way from our split level 1950′s house,¬† three blocks through the housing tract, then along the railroad tracks which stretched through a mile long vacant field. Beautiful bright blue Fall day.

Toodling along, and somewhat bored by the length of the walk, and really looking forward to my day at school, which would begin with First Friday Mass, I was suddenly conscious of not being alone. It was as if I was looking at the scene before me through a wavy piece of glass, and I then met someone in  a way that was unique and new to me. That person was a man who spoke with me and showed me my life ahead.

I can only describe the conversation as exemplifying the tenet described in scripture of knowing as we are known. It was like being wrapped up in the most complete understanding consciousness that ever was. It is difficult to put into words, really. But I knew who this was. He walked with me. It was a comfortable feeling. As a Father now, I know what this was. Paternal Love being bestowed on me.

I never spoke of this to anyone. In fact, this is the first time I have written of it. I have reasons for that.

So many times I have seen people stress about Religion or Godliness, even over Christmas. But that day, Jesus showed me what He meant, and why, as well as how I was to be as a man. I understood  in the moment: that God so loved the world that He sent his only Son, His living Word, to be with us. And my response was simple. I accepted what he had to say, and said thank you. Fifteen minutes later I was standing outside the church.

It was then that I understood what the Church really was. It was me. And you. And Christmas became  special that year in a new way.

A rule developed in my parent’s house regarding Birthdays. With six kids, the best and most affordable gift in a single income household, typical of that era, was to allow each sibling to do whatever they wanted, on their Birthday.

So I recall quite clearly when at the age of eleven, now living in Goleta Ca. my mother asking me what I wanted to do for my Birthday. My answer was short and to the point. “Surf, Mom. I want to be at the beach”

So for every Christmas from that day forward, the Ocean was a gift to me from my parents.

And guess what? That same voice was there always, moving across the waters.

This is what Christmas is to me.  Time with my Lord, and best friend. I find it wonderful that I get to share his pleasure through my life and work.





Here is a great story about Apollo 8 and Christmas Eve and Photography, sent along by Artist Dan Levin. This was the project my Father had been working on as I was a  child.

Here is a beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s piece Hallelujah done by Cloverton.

The images in this blog were shot yesterday, Dec 24th, Christmas eve. If you are reading this Christmas morning, I am off celebrating a birthday in the water somewhere.

Merry Christmas indeed.

Aloha Oe.



Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue


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