Holy Water: A Christmas History

December 25th, 2013



Christmas began for me around  6 am on Dec 25th in 1955, when I was born.

My Mother had been on her way to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She had stumbled on the steps leading up to the church and labor began. I like to think it was me who pushed her. That somehow, I knew Christmas and I, we would need to become acquainted.

“Let me out!” I can imagine the look on my Mom’s face as she realized she would not be in church that day, Catholicism being what it was at that time in History.

I was to be the first born of six children. My  Hawaiian Father was attending Marquette University on a GI Bill program, and had met my Yugoslavian Mother. The rest sorta makes me smile. (I know how Hawaiians are about women)

So… A lifetime of Christmas-Birthdays later, and it seriously is my favorite time of year. But not for reasons one might suspect.

My Mother always made a huge to do about Christmas. My parents were generous to a fault. It is all that I remember, the fantasy of it and the generosity.

But what really made Christmas special had nothing to do with gift wrapping, Christmas Trees or Santa, much as I relished it all and loved it. What made the day unique to me, occurred one Fall day, as I was walking to Parochial school. I believe I was in third grade.

I used to make the rather long walk solo, and recall a particular day well. I had made my way from our split level 1950′s house,¬† three blocks through the housing tract, then along the railroad tracks which stretched through a mile long vacant field. Beautiful bright blue Fall day.

Toodling along, and somewhat bored by the length of the walk, and really looking forward to my day at school, which would begin with First Friday Mass, I was suddenly conscious of not being alone. It was as if I was looking at the scene before me through a wavy piece of glass, and I then met someone in  a way that was unique and new to me. That person was a man who spoke with me and showed me my life ahead.

I can only describe the conversation as exemplifying the tenet described in scripture of knowing as we are known. It was like being wrapped up in the most complete understanding consciousness that ever was. It is difficult to put into words, really. But I knew who this was. He walked with me. It was a comfortable feeling. As a Father now, I know what this was. Paternal Love being bestowed on me.

I never spoke of this to anyone. In fact, this is the first time I have written of it. I have reasons for that.

So many times I have seen people stress about Religion or Godliness, even over Christmas. But that day, Jesus showed me what He meant, and why, as well as how I was to be as a man. I understood  in the moment: that God so loved the world that He sent his only Son, His living Word, to be with us. And my response was simple. I accepted what he had to say, and said thank you. Fifteen minutes later I was standing outside the church.

It was then that I understood what the Church really was. It was me. And you. And Christmas became  special that year in a new way.

A rule developed in my parent’s house regarding Birthdays. With six kids, the best and most affordable gift in a single income household, typical of that era, was to allow each sibling to do whatever they wanted, on their Birthday.

So I recall quite clearly when at the age of eleven, now living in Goleta Ca. my mother asking me what I wanted to do for my Birthday. My answer was short and to the point. “Surf, Mom. I want to be at the beach”

So for every Christmas from that day forward, the Ocean was a gift to me from my parents.

And guess what? That same voice was there always, moving across the waters.

This is what Christmas is to me.  Time with my Lord, and best friend. I find it wonderful that I get to share his pleasure through my life and work.





Here is a great story about Apollo 8 and Christmas Eve and Photography, sent along by Artist Dan Levin. This was the project my Father had been working on as I was a  child.

Here is a beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s piece Hallelujah done by Cloverton.

The images in this blog were shot yesterday, Dec 24th, Christmas eve. If you are reading this Christmas morning, I am off celebrating a birthday in the water somewhere.

Merry Christmas indeed.

Aloha Oe.



Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue


My Truth

December 18th, 2013


Any Organization or person which stands in an effort to accomplish something of merit or value, must predicate it’s existence on belief.

Some call this belief system: “Our Truth”.

Recently I watched as one of the companies I am a part of, had it’s leadership disappear and not only jeopardize the organization, but potentially engage in some actions which could cost a lot of lives and careers. The person is doing what I call¬† “Flailing”¬† which is sort of like beating the air with your arms as you head for the bottom of a fall which you embarked upon when you stepped off a cliff.

The process of deciding how to respond to another’s flailing and¬† hurtful, dangerous actions, had me examining what exactly my own Truth is. So I wrote it down, as much to be clear to myself, as I would want it to be known to my colleagues and friends . I have always held that we owe this to people, to be transparent in this way.


        My Truth

I know the following statement well. It is a vital part of my Truth.

Everything which we see begins in the unseen arena of energy and the arc of Time. All that exists has it’s foundation in a realm that the Religious call the Spiritual.

So when we look on something, we are seeing the physical manifestation and result of something which occurred (was authored) in the arc of time, in a different dimension from the one in which our physical selves reside within.

We came from somewhere, we are here, we head somewhere. So we have the ability to exercise what we are, spirit soul and body, as architects on this planet. We are that capable.

But our intrinsic nature, is to be corrupted by fear.

It really comes down to a clear understanding of Energy Theory.

We should be about Love, actually. Then we would be getting how all of this works. Sort of simple, really.

God is Love. If we belong to that, well then, we should be a source of that light here.

This is why I am a Photographer. I chose that with intent. It is my Truth.

Here is a fantastic piece about Courage, titled “The Science of Conquering Your Fears”

A nugget of Truth from Abraham Lincoln. “To sin by silence when they should protest, makes cowards of men.”

Truth from Sun Tzu, written¬† in “The Art of War” ¬†“Know yourself and your enemy and you will win every battle.”

Aloha Oe.




Understanding Fukushima-Daichi

December 4th, 2013
Moral Compass Setting

Moral Compass Setting

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.   2 Timothy 2:15

I began to study¬† aspects of the disaster at Fukushima-Daichi the moment the Tohoku quake occurred. The disaster began not on 3-11, as common knowledge would have us believe, but during the throes of the Cold War in the late 1950′s. Some aspects of it actually date back to the turn of the century

After watching the tsunami wash ashore with some of my colleagues from K38 Rescue (we were online simultaneously and saw the quake take place on the USGS event reporting site) I knew the long range repercussions would be nuclear in nature. At the time however, I had no idea regarding the education I would acquire in the next several years.

Shortly after the initial disaster I found myself at the home of my friend and mentor, George Orbelian in SF. George sat me down in his living room on a warm sunny afternoon high above the surf at Ocean Beach, which pulled at my attention, looked me in the eyes, and said; “David, what are we going to do about Fukushima?”

My first response was to laugh, and I said “George, what in the heck do you mean? What can we do?” The implausibility of two guys even being able to grasp the enormity of what we knew then would likely be the largest disaster of it’s type in History, had hit me square in the chest.

George said this. “There is a man in our group who is an engineer. He worked for GE in the design and implementation of the plant and the Nuclear program in Japan. He understands it well. We can start there.”

So we did, and after immersion in the programs of Blue Mind, ARUP, The Sea Space-Initiative, Blue Ocean Sciences, Triiibes and countless conversations, studies and analyzations, I came to certain conclusions regarding the nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima-Daichi.

This blog is a summary of what I have learned.

The disaster at Fukushima-Daichi is fixable. It also is not really “the problem”. It is a symptom. If we do not address the real issue, then Fukushima, which is indeed the largest man made catastrophe in our time as a species on this Earth, will also become one of the most egregious sins humanity has ever acquiesced to committing.

The word Sin is an interesting one. Theologically, a sin is a choice of action that causes the separation of a human being from God, his creator, which theologians regard as being the creative author of existence and  is Love, being eternal in nature.

I am writing a book on all of this, actually. I explain the nuances of our problem in that book. It will take me awhile to complete it.

If you have found this blog, what I am about to share in it will give you a level of information regarding the disaster at Fukushima-Daichi that will enable you to engage as an author of good and accurate change.

Resolution Riders

Resolution Riders

Please be aware that I am not an advocate of banning Nuclear Power generation. But am an ardent and informed adversary of Plutonium-Uranium fueled Nuclear Electric power generating stations located in coastal flood plains.

Each one is a potential disaster on the same scale and of the same scope as the one which the Tohoku quake facilitated.

On the Eastern Shores of China, West of Japan, are  a cadre of new plants which  are not subject to the build and maintenance standards of those in Japan and the US. Be aware that many of those well built and maintained Japanese and U.S. plants have ongoing documented problems that have created injections of multiple radiant contaminants into the ecosystem.

There are many experts in the Nuclear Industry and international commerce and relations, who believe that a plant failure in China would have no chance of being discoverable to the extent which Fukushima has.

Again, here is the rub. Our Commons connect Nations in such a manner that all environmental regulations and every incident as a result of our policies, good or bad, accurate or not,  connects each body in the International Community.

This begs that a few questions be asked of Americans. Is it appropriate to allow Politicians to even have say in architecting the systems which the Global Population will need to survive under? Is that intelligent, given the simple fact that political policy is driven by the realities of the short term election cycle, and all the ramifications which this implies?

If we find out that those policy makers knowingly led the Nation into decisions which damage the Commons to the point of jeopardizing food security, create death via radiation exposure and generational Cancer, as a payback to a Corporately embedded fiscal entity which placed them in office, should they not be held criminally liable? And in turn should that Nation and those companies not be held civilly liable for the damage they created?

If we did that? Well, please think what it would mean, to apply a level of accountability here. It would change everything that should be changed.

On the East Coast of the US are 33 Nuclear plants located in the Coastal Flood plain. 17 are of similar design and placement to the one at Fukushima. The East coast is wide open to a mega-tsunami disaster from the tectonic plate activity located under the Canary Islands.

The Coast is also highly vulnerable to weather related disaster by way of Hurricane. It has long been expected that a Cat 5 or above hurricane could sweep up the East Coast and create a damage swath that would be severe in scale and scope. Fortunately this has NOT happened. Therefore the odds are that it will, in your lifetime.

During Hurricane Sandy which depending on where and when you measured it, was a Cat 0-2 storm on the Safir-Simpson Scale, 6 of those 33 Nuclear plants went to emergency shut down. 4 went to crises. Meltdowns were averted.

The following little cable show was one which I agreed to do reluctantly, as a result of my colleague and friend, Wallace J Nichols, author of the Blue Mind Neuroscience summit, suggesting I consider appearing on it. The show is called Eco Review. It is authored and run by a  very astute and connected man named Tom Harvey, out of Santa Cruz California.

In the show with me are:

Dr Andrea Neal, of Blue Ocean Sciences. Andrea led a team of research scientists which developed a method for remediating heavy metal radiant contaminants from the water column. She also was integral in creation of highly effective means of detecting source point pollutants in land sea or air. The technology she helped create is absolutely vital as a step in restoring system health in nuclear and other man made disasters.

Eddie Leung of Secure Environment. That engineer who worked on the original GE plant at Fukushima, who I mentioned above. He was on the ground at Fukushima not long after the meltdowns, studying the situation.

Arnie Gunderson of Fairewinds Associates. Arnie is a former Nuclear Industry Executive and Engineer and is noted as being the whistleblower during the disaster at Three Mile Island. He has been a tireless and valiant source of information traveling around the world in an effort to educate leaders and civil populace regarding our Nuclear Energy systems.

In my affiliation with K 38 Rescue I have gotten to meet and work with great men and women who by all accepted social standards would be known as heroes. I  know what a hero is. They generally are people with training and a high level of proficiency, willing and able to step forward at personal risk in order to accomplish a result necessary to the safety of individuals, nations, ecosystems or planet.

To me, each one of these people is a hero in ways which the public may never know or understand.

If you really want to understand and help this world and future generations, and know some of what I do, start by watching this 1 hour cable show.


Ecoreview: Fukushima Update is here.


After that, please watch these three films created by Australian based film maker Andrew Ebisu. Based on what I have learned in working alongside some disciplined, educated, skilled and brave people, who have applied themselves to rescuing Humanity from this terrible place we have come to, I see his film series as being highly accurate and able to provide a clear understanding of what the Disaster at Fukushima-Daichi really means.

On Fukushima Beach.

On Fukushima Beach 2: The Lights of Fukushima.

On Fukushima Beach 3: The Bombing of Kyoto.


Being The Change

Being The Change


So now you know some of what I do.

How do we really fix it? There exists a somewhat confidential plan. It is fairly simple, but will require a lot of work to implement.

If successful, the Nations, Corporations and leaders responsible for this will be held legally accountable in a couple different ways. What this will facilitate is a transition away from Plutonium Uranium Nuclear Generated Electrical Power, a clean up and true remediation of existing Nuclear Waste globally, and remediation of existing radiant contaminant within the ecosystem. It will usher in a safer and far less costly method of power generation and facilitate greater Corporate profit and increased potential for creation of sustainable systems whereby we will be able to manage a world that is headed for an 8 Billion Population and is actually very capable of sustaining that number, contrary to what many Environmental Activists and the UN claim.

The group Change.Org  whose mailings I sometimes find amusing really did nail it with this one. Some of this statement where a President is captured lying to a Nation and World, is in the films. But understand this. He is both a complicit part of the problem, but as a leader has a deep responsibility to ensure Civil order and the security of our Nation. The petition results are laughable. 235 respondents.

Awhile ago a bunch of us who are in Seth Godin’s global Marketing group known as Triiibes had a little get together in my home town of Ventura. It was called Flow, and initially was a retreat of sorts for some of the generous bright lights who are all friends, colleagues and leaders of various Tribes-Communities.

In the course of that event, the group concepted a movement based business which was eventually co founded by myself, Donna Von Hoesslin, and Dr Andrea Neal. What Ocean Lovers does is educate, inspire and organize people under a uniform Philosophy. It is assisted by an Advisory Board of some wonderful minds and voices in the realm of Science, Research, Business, Marketing and Architecture.

The Oceanlovers Philosophy states that man while being yet another animal amongst many species on this earth, is capable via accurate design and benevolent intention of architecting profitable and sustainable systems, whereby the health and happiness of humanity may be facilitated and the Commons be preserved.

Though the company website is currently being revamped, it is here.

But you can also follow  and join the Oceanlovers movement and stay connected on Facebook, here.

Many drops of water, an Ocean makes. Each of us really do matter.

Save the Commons. Think of our children. Protect yourself.

We must start here.

Save Japan

Save Japan




Love and Trustedness

November 17th, 2013


Maybe it is the full moon which hangs sagging slowly through a clear western sky which has me awake at 3am working.

But I suspect that it may be something else.

It always cracks me up, when as I am sorting through the variety of large and complex projects which are the melange of companies I get to help shepherd, that a blog invariably pops in from Seth Godin. This one, (as usual) was exactly about what I am working on today. Creating trust. He titles it: Belief is More Powerful Than Truth.

I am a strong believer in Strategic Partnerships. In those exist an exponential potential for benefit via Intelligent Design with the express purpose of creating new and better systems, whereby we may generate benefit for ourselves, companies and Humanity.

Think about this.

What if people were truly happy to collaborate?

I am continually amazed by the people in my life and work, and am grateful when I see them thrive.

That matters to me.

Here is a really great piece on Shawn Alladio and K38 Rescue, which came across my desk this week. It is an insight into her world of generous contribution in Boating Safety and Lifesaving. I shot it. Watch the video which K 38 edited together, and you will see illustrated the tremendous odds, teamwork and collaboration can overcome. I really should build a film on what Shawn has done at some point. Bigger than life, because it is about love and trustedness.



The Morning After (Veterans Day)

November 12th, 2013
Phoenix Patriot Foundation

Phoenix Patriot Foundation

I did not do my customary blog entry on Veterans Day yesterday. To be honest, it was more out of embarrassment, than anything else.

As everyone went about engaging the socially acceptable platitude of “Thanking a Veteran”,¬† I could not help but be very uncomfortable by what I have been watching happen to our Veterans in recent years. The day as a holiday yesterday, made me even more miserable about being an American.

It is no secret, nor is it news in any way, that War is waged on the backs of our youth. That the Political Will, embedded in a Nation’s employing of Imperialism, is carried out under order by our Military.

But what has happened to us when as a Nation, we have leaders who think nothing of kicking Veterans in the mouth when their active service is complete, as a matter of policy?

As I watched the President issue his rhetoric-driven Veterans Day message yesterday, I could not even be angry about the amorality of it, as I have come to expect that sort of thing from the man, as it is part of the job description for Politicians to tell us what we want to hear. He exemplifies the most pointed aspects of bad leadership to me. An expensive mistake in many ways.

But those people who went to War deserve more than words. In fact, they need much more.

I am seriously embarrassed by what I am seeing Vets go through today.

Here is a telling piece from the New York Times on losing a son to a broken system.

Yesterday I was sent a very inspiring story written by Kevin Cody, which is about a Surfer named Peff Eick, and a music video the veteran of Vietnam had made, and the man’s continuing service to his fellows. Read the article and watch the video here.

Bill Moyers writes on it all, here.

Tom Waits nails it all down, in Hell Broke Luce, and shares it here.

Hell Broke Luce was informed by this story.

I hope this series of links serves to better inform us all regarding the larger scale of our Veterans, who I see not as victims, really, but as highly trained assets that were a part of a disciplined fighting force. A great leader does not flush high value assets. You care for them.

You also never leave your people behind, let alone kick them when they are down. This is a Military standard, not a generally accepted public one. We maybe ought to consider changing that.

Thank a Vet? Bullshit. Words are cheap. Do something for them. There is a high value in that. And it is not because it feels good or gets you some sense of belonging, but because it is the right thing to do. Maybe if we all hold ourselves to that standard, at some point we will begin to elect people to office who will as well.

Civic Duty

Civic Duty



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