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Blue Note

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

There have been a  series of pointed questions aimed in my direction the past year or so.

Many of those have resulted in my being invited into conversations, where my presence as a Creative was sought for a variety of purposes. A year ago, I laughed at the preposterously huge scope of the problems.

Today I am stunned by the knowledge that we have located solutions for them.

In ONE year. These are huge issues. So how to start, in seeing that they are implemented?



Behind it all, is my firm belief that only in a collective effort, based around an understanding of the Sea, and Man’s ability to accurately assess and design solutions according to a long term cycle, will true and valid choices be made.

Why the Ocean? Why the Big Blue?

That is where life came from, and in that fluid passivity is found a great expansive intelligence.

Mankind has a vested interest in seeking what many of us term  “win-win” sort of solutions, which our world really needs, in order to gain exponential results, in defiance of the entropy we see emerging daily, around us all.

Some of these projects, I am not at liberty to discuss. However, there are a few being launched, that I am able to touch upon. In the ensuing months I will log some of these into the blog here, from time to time.

One project, done under the auspices of a new collaborative business endeavor named Ocean Lovers, is called the Blue Note. It is a simple thing, intentionally small, minor.

blue note:
noun: Music
a minor interval where a major would be expected, used esp. in jazz.

Here is the first one. A Blue Note, is intended to create unity of purpose. It is an invitation to be like water, and in that process become part of a solution that is true.

It is in the short strokes and small choices, where eventually, great change is seeded. In an openly adversarial socio-political system, there is much strength to be gained in the common bond of health, happiness and collaboration. But in order to acquire that, a group must fall in under one banner. A collective must arise that eschews adverarialism, in it’s foundational Philosophy.

Why pick a fight, when there can be no winners? Just cut to the desired end result, and focus on that. In this there is great economic and cultural gain to be made.

A few years back, my friend, George Orbelian, came up with the idea that we ought to form an Ocean Nation. Well, we are running with that idea. Many of us who live in, around or whose lives are otherwise all about the Ocean, have joined together.

You may be surprised at who seeds much of the change. Though the concepts are founded upon a collaborative of people with lives and careers in the Science and Research fields, it is you who will make the difference.

One drop of water is where it starts, and the most grand voyage begins, with one little push.

This will be good. The world needs more of that.


Digging for Gems

Friday, July 6th, 2012


Plastic Gem

Plastic Gem

In my work, much of what I do is frequently not readily apparent.

After a recent summit meeting which I got to attend, that was held at Google, I was approached as we all got ready to leave, by a woman who represents a powerful, vital force for the Oceans. I had found myself smiling a lot, when hearing her speak. (Same Tribe apparently) A lot of resonance existed in our observations, regarding solutions to some of the Global issues which the Summit participants examined.

“C” came up to me, and with a  smile, asked: “So David, what exactly is it that you do?” I explained a little bit about my background and how I operate. She laughed. (I am involved in a lot. So is she, and was headed off to Rio for another summit)

Essentially, what my work and life are all, about is mining (digging) for gems.

gem |jem|
a precious or semiprecious stone, esp. when cut and polished or engraved.
• a person or thing considered to be outstandingly good or special in some respect : this architectural gem of a palace.
• used in names of some brilliantly colored hummingbirds, e.g., mountain gem.
verb ( gemmed, gemming) [ trans. ] [usu. as adj. ] ( gemmed) rare
decorate with or as with gems.
gemlike |-ˌlīk| adjective
ORIGIN Old English gim, from Latin gemma ‘bud, jewel’ ; influenced in Middle English by Old French gemme.

Frequently, when one comes across a precious thing, it does not have a lot of luster. It may as a result, been difficult to find, as it looked like all the rest of the environment. Gems are funny that way. They stay rare because:

A) they tend to be camouflaged and B) There really are not that many in existence when compared to the sum total of the elements in creation.

My job is to find those, maybe polish them up a bit, then give them away. Sometimes, in the case of a gem that may be an empiricle Truth, that will piss off some folks, while simultaneously making others dance in delight, who on the inside were murmuring: “I knew it. I guessed that it was hiding there, and you found it”. Those people are generally pretty happy, when I hand it to them, as my gift.

Why do I give it away? Well, because then I can get more. The supply of that truth is infinite. My consciousness is one of abundance. Why is the other group pissed off? Because if they take my gift, the Truth requires that they change. Not everyone wants change, and they will fight for that right to stay, exactly where they are.

Seth Godin writes something very beautiful today, regarding being invited to join the club of the involved, in a blog entitled “The Declining Problem of (Groucho) Marxism“.

My imaging work, engages a similar modus. I find something which I know will sparkle when I bring it in, from some watery, far flung, or secreted destination. I know where to look. I am really good at it,  and experience both enjoy and delight in the process.

What makes the image gems rare? They tend to transform the recipient in much the same manner that they did to me, when I went looking for them. But really, the process is a little different for me. I dreamed, planned, implemented, discovered, returned and developed my gem. So to me, it is a pearl of very great beauty and value. I did not create it. What happened, is that I earned the discovery.

Now the irony in this, is apparent in the process by which we give our gifts. I have become very selective about who and what I will donate mine to. I have developed a means of measuring who I support. So who gets the gems? Other givers. The reason for that should be obvious, but I will state it anyway.

It is because they are the ones who will appreciate the precious, and use it to benefit people, and our Earth.

I learned long ago to honor what I have been gifted. I do not take it for granted.

Life should be like that.

In gemstones, one can find beauty of form and light, but the value is fluid.

You will only experience true worth, in flow.

We all head down a river, to a sea of our own choosing

I want mine beautiful, and full of what and who I love.

So I opted to dig for gems.

If we are having a conversation, well then, I see you as one of those.

Here is a fantastic example of a group endeavoring to affect change, and this song on their site, is a gem. Born Again American. The site Concept was developed by Norman Lear.

My work tends to go everywhere. Magazines, books, Galleries, Museums, films, commercials, product packaging, apparel. I like that it does. There is a lot of ugliness in the world today. Beauty is a form of truth which can be transformational.

I was surprised this week to find one of my images on the home page for Bing. They had gotten it from my Commercial agent, Corbis images.

The e mails asking me about the picture, which was a wave water shot, made me smile. I answered them all. Much of my work is finally available for sale in a growing Art based retail library at Solitary Exposure, a new art based agency, run by Larry Beard.

Below is a gallery of images sent in an edit to an editor of mine today. Recent works. He gets things like this from me 4 times a year.  Toggle through them as a slide show if you like, by clicking on the first one.


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