October 2nd, 2014



Well,  it is  the end of my first day in Portugal. Been here for 24 hours. Sitting on the 13th floor in our rental with Donna and Korina,  in San Jao de Estoril. They are crashed out. I am wide awake. Korina had been burning the candle for days prior to landing. She is the color designer for Patagonia, and a close friend. Donna too had been hitting work hard, remodeling her little retail shop in Ventura,  and doing her homework for this exploration and design quest here. Pretty stoked to be traveling with these two amazing women.



A little background on this trip. It is not about me. I am sort of just here for Donna and Korina. They are working. I am just shooting them and what transpires. Plus getting to see Mario. That part is something I have looked forward to for some time. You see, I actually have never been to Europe. Part of my family came from this place where I am writing, a couple hundred years ago. The family name was Miguel. My ancestor had made his way to Hawaii, and married into a Hawaiian family.

Much to ponder after getting a bit of an awakening from  discussions regarding the EU, Globalism, and while experiencing some remarkable generosity from Mario Pinto, who I met in K38 and has hosted us today. Mario introduced us to some of his friends and special places, all a part of the texture-melange that is his home here. If I had been videoing the day, it would have made for an incredibly rich little short film or TV show.

I could leave after this day, and the experiences this far, would be sufficient for anything which I might write.

Spoke with Garrett and Nicole McNamara this evening. They are staying in Nazare with their new son, Barrel. He said that the surf had risen to 20 feet tonight. I hope to wind up at Nazare tomorrow. We will see.

Below are some images from the flight here and the first day.




On Beauty

September 21st, 2014
Shawn Alladio's hand and the mementos of many.

Shawn Alladio’s hand and the mementos of many.

I recently returned from filming an endurance event called the Never Quit Challenge, which this year was a 600 mile jetski ride down the California Coastline, from Morro Bay to Shelter Island, with laps out to Catalina made from Long Beach Harbor. The event was created and led by K38 Rescue’s Shawn Alladio and is a charity benefit fund raiser, but at it’s core, is more of a means to honor the Men and Women who have served in our military, both alive and dead. It strengthens those people and families, testing both resolve and ability to connect to each other, and¬† communicate to a culture that has a difficult time understanding Brotherhood and the ramifications of such a thing.

Here are the Charities we worked to raise funds for. Phoenix Patriot Foundation.  MARSOC Foundation.    Station Foundation.    The Organizations wage war on all the things which would keep our Veterans from leading fulfilling lives post service. Want to help create a stronger Nation? Supporting these organizations can do that.

I saw a lot of beauty in the week long event. Hence this short blogpost on Beauty.

Below is an image of Bo Reichenbach, a medically retired Seal. He is stowing the second of two champagne bottles from the helm of the Kawasaki LX which carried him. The champagne shower was delivered by he and Kyle Butcher, a retired Army Ranger. I see an incredible beauty in it. Maybe it is the tattoo across the back of his hand. Maybe it is the fact that Kawasaki, a Japanese company loaned us the boats and support for¬† the project (a first, as far as I know where a privately held Japanese company has directly supported US Military Veteran related endeavors). Maybe it was the beauty of Bo’s sacrifice this event. Or the one prior, which has him in artificial legs. Or the one prior where post 9-11 he enlisted. Or maybe that this day was 9-11-14 and they rode to honor the memory of 3000 murder victims slaughtered by madmen.

Be Reichenbach

Be Reichenbach


The second image illustrative of beauty, I shot on Bali. Small things sometimes make great examples.


Bali Beauty. Circle of life.

Bali Beauty. Circle of life.


As a species, Man does not truly appreciate Beauty. He goes for Pretty. The embrace and understanding of Beauty is an individually based tenet, related to the condition of the heart. In that delicate balance we find Gratitude.

If we live in Gratitude that Beauty will transform us, and our resultant affect on this world will be a dramatic one, potentially.

It all reminds me of a Bible scripture verse. “Beloved, I wish above all things, that you prosper and be in health even as (in like measure) your soul prospers.”

Why Beauty matters. It connects us through a unified heart. That is Brotherhood.

When we create and unleash the dogs of war to do our National bidding, well, it sort of looks like this video cut to Metallica.¬† It is true, that saying :”War is Hell”.¬† We send our people there. We as a Nation, have a great responsibility to bring them back from that place. It is a vital part of the job.¬† The irony of course is in the beauty we might experience by virtue of the process.

My wife pointed this out to me:

“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.”

                                                                     Ralph Waldo Emerson

Aloha nui loa.

Waging Peace: Cultural Alchemy

August 16th, 2014


Most of us have thought along the same lines at various points in our life’s timeline. The answer to our question “why?” usually bounces right back in similar fashion as it is asked. “Because that is just the way it is.”

Here is a dynamic Ted talk by Ron Edry, who as an Israel based graphic designer (and former soldier) eschewed convention, and created a shift

Does it matter? Only to those who moved. There are a lot of them.

Art changes things.

The book Blue Mind, written by Marine Scientist Wallace J Nichols made the NYT best seller list recently in the category of Science. Blue Mind examines the effect of water on mankind through the discipline of Neuroscience. I have been both blessed and informed to have sat in on and been a part of the Blue Mind Summits, as well as the assembling of this innovative examination of how we might be able to think differently regarding the world at large.

It starts simply, cultural shift. I like that.

I crave simplicity.

Why not happiness, too?

One of my colleagues, publisher and artist Joe Cardella, has based his life work on boring a hole into the psyche of popular culture and setting a depth charge with this simple message: “Art Saves Lives”.

Go make some.

The life you save…..is your own.

Blue Mind

Blue Mind


Blue Minded

Blue Minded

David Pu’u Does Not Text

August 2nd, 2014



The above image is a screen grab of me placing a camera on a vehicle. What that means exactly, is that as I was pre editing motion clips for a music video I saw this, stopped the roll and hit Apple-Shift-3, which saved a jpeg image of my computer monitor screenview to my desktop. That is called a screenshot. It is a nothing tech tool you learn the first week using a computer as a work platform.

I admit to being a geek and nerd. Though I love my little Go Pro cameras for some work, I am the very last person to resort to using one for a number of reasons, most of those involve wanting to maintain absolute control of how my work looks and being able to reproduce what passed in front of any one of my ridiculously large assortment of lenses in the highest resolution possible.

Once that is accomplished, I archive the original camera raw capture, produce final commercial high resolution files, and jpeg web resolution imagery and archive those as well. Right now I have close to 30 terabytes of active storage, most of it cataloged by keywords which cause the image to pop up when I type the keyword into the Finder (search) box of my MacPro library computer.

I learned quite some time ago that the iphone was a great device. Possibly one of the worst telephones on the market ((I am using the 4s) it has potential to keep us digitally connected in a manner more thorough than any device prior. But for me as an artist who must create in word and multiple arts formats, this same connectivity is also a complete sell out and potentially fatal to my Art.

This is why. By sheer connection, your work in process becomes a reflection of what you see via connection culture and it’s low skill devices. The reason for this¬† is because consumer based imagery is designed to not be interpretive by the user. As a business model it succeeds by being imminently user friendly. In fact, this has been the logic behind much of Apple’s product Development and Marketing which has created the massive profit behemoth that is Apple and it’s wonderful devices.

The point of this blog is to let you all know what I had to do to preserve my artistic integrity. I turned my texting off. Then I began to keep my phone ringer turned off while thinking (Yes I do that) praying (I do that as well. Hanging out with God is a favorite pass-time) writing, editing, shooting, creating.

What I learned, is that if I give the world unlimited access to me, it will conform me to itself and in turn I become a mirror of cultural mores and response. In effect my worth as an artist goes down. This was an essential lesson for me, this process of planned digital disconnect and is what allows my art to survive. It is not that I am being selfish. It actually is the polar opposite, as it involves discipline, solitude and desire to build work that matters.

What matters to me above all is being authentic and that means I operate my tools. I never let them operate me.

Years ago I read all of Isaac Asimov’s work. One of the most influential works in his library is I, Robot. Are you? (No, the i thing irony is not lost on i) Why would that be a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Well, for me it is the end. And i don’t like creative death. Life is much more beautiful.

Ever think about the word “I” and why it is capitalized?

This is a really on point blog post regarding tech, and in particular the potential shift in culture’s perception, and acceptance of the intrusion of technology in our lives.

Below are a few images from the past week’s digital sequester. Nope, none of em are made on an Iphone, or a Go Pro. With neither interchangeable lenses, exposure lock (Manual exposure operation) or ability to shoot in high resolution raw file format, those tools are for imagery that lives for the moment and is intentionally meant to disappear into the white noise which is endemic to our connection culture.

I want to limit my contribution to the static, let alone allow it too much control over my soul.

Matt Zeltzer

Matthew Zeltzer

Bali Magic in Dance

Bali Magic in Dance

Bruce Brown and Steve McQueen

Bruce Brown and Steve McQueen



My fantastically creative wife. Fisheyed and motion blurred.

My fantastically creative wife. Fisheyed and motion blurred.

I called this Raid Benedict as it perpetually betrayed me before finally committing suicide. Digital reality

I called this Raid Benedict as it perpetually betrayed me before finally committing suicide. Digital reality





A Faithful Paradigm

July 26th, 2014
Into Perfect Light

Into Perfect Light

A close friend sent me a story about a researcher who was suing to get a university job position restored, after getting fired for being different. Here is that news piece.  Nothing remarkably enlightening about the story. But as is frequently the case, the informative bits are found in the post article commentary left by readers, who for the most part are more concerned with the deployment of ridicule on the researcher, than the larger question of illegal termination of the man due to discriminatory bias and personal agendas of school staff.

In fact, it appears that not only were his civil rights potentially violated, but the University actively engaged in marginalizing the man’s research, which is in diametric opposition to the moral imperative of what we loosely call our systems of higher learning. Those being the colleges and universities.

The passage below were my thoughts, offered to a friend. In my circle of colleagues, we discuss any and every thing.  Doing so makes us better as individuals. (I like better in my own life)

Here is the letter back to my friend.

“See the comments? Incredibly programmed and ignorant. The Theory of Evolution if one were to place it as a Law of Evolution,¬† preposes that there was a shift of one species to another at some point, and that this occurred due to the process of natural selection and resulted in an increasing¬† hybrid vigor of successive generations of the new species.

Once again, people confuse a fact  (the process of Natural Selection) with  the theory associated with that law, which culture knows as the Theory of Evolution.  Two entirely different but related things, as you know.

The problem for some with religiously held POVs, is no hard evidence exists that shows what some loosely term “the missing link” example, which is an artifact, proposed to have existed in the space in between Simian and Homo Sapien, which would carry potential for both species’ DNA.¬† At issue for these people is that they may have studied genetics, but have invested in supposition, which has¬† in turn been passed along as vetted, empirical truth.

This  truth, (which has not been located) would indicate in evidentiary manner, that one simian species over time, became a new human species. None exists that I know of. That is why we term it a Theory. It may in fact have gone down that way, but we really do not know the specific details, which would corroborate our theorem and make it law.

This process is the basic prepositional foundation of all learning. It is part and parcel of critical thinking and reasoning. When  we become religious, what has really happened is that a filter is applied which colors all future exploration. Sometimes this can create a lot of damage, as religiosity for the sake of religion, is done with the intent to control another most of the time. That is dangerous for both controller and controlled.

One of the reasons I enjoy  attending  think tank events, is that I get to  ask the questions which lead to a break down of programming. This allows for problems to be examined as if  they are not problems at all, but possibly the result of improperly founded solutions. My goal is always to think differently. If you get learned people to do that, the world really begins to open up, and we discover that which was previously hidden by our own personally held beliefs, which filter data and in turn, emotions.

We have within our psyche, a potential as human beings which is very different than any other animal. Man’s¬† ability to see and act in a manner that may¬† confer benefit or harm on our species, is what I term superlative choice. When we as individuals engage as God meant for us, we tend to pass through what I see as brute mindedness, which is rule by fear, and begin to operate in a different realm. We at some point begin to move in love.

I have read a lot on various people whose lives conferred and facilitated great leaps for humanity, who walked in that sort of relationship. Whether they espoused it or not religiously, is besides the point.  I term the process: walking with God. Religion merely is a filter by which we endeavor to conform God to our accepted Cultural standards of existence. But that process we see illustrated in culture at large, where we apply filters with errant intentions, is entirely backwards when one needs critical, creative process thought.

I saw a lot of this process evidenced in Einstein’s life. You see it in the classical Greek Philosophers, in Goethe, Tesla, Buckminster Fuller, and many whose voices resonate in the halls of our species’ history.¬† And of course, you see it in evidence when looking at Charles Darwin’s life and study.



Jesus was the very best example in my eyes. But I have an inward evidence of that which goes beyond what I have read of the man in historic-scripture based accounts. That is what makes the difference. This evidence is termed Faith. Faith is knowing. Pretty simple.

There is a way which seems right to Man, but it’s end is death. We choose life, or not.

Nature always does the same quite rigid, beautiful, harsh, unending thing.

Man would do well to sort his relationship with God out. Then he would understand how to interact with Nature and correctly moderate natural processes. This should be the foundation for civilization’s advancement.

The fly in the ointment is pride of course. It makes us unable to connect with the truth. I have long thought pride to be a sibling to fear. The funny thing about love, is that I have found it tends to throw fear out the door.  When that happens, we see differently.

We can believe a lie if we want to, and have even coined a term which explains the process: cognitive dissonance.

This is a brief explanation of that THEORY, which I believe could be on point.


But it is explained through Psychology. Man is more than that. We need to look at the third layer of Man: Spirit, which I alluded to above. Then we get it.

Within many of our Western based learning institutions lies a stubborn unwillingness to acknowledge the architecture of Man. This design concept which is in thematic evidence in many Religions (which these people for the most part feel compelled to eschew as being unscientific, therefore irrelevant)¬† all describe man’s architecture as being tripartite, potentially. Spirit, Soul, Body.

Without that basis, one relies on supposition in the acquisition of logic. and we suppose (we cannot really know, due to existentialist rule embedding) that man is his mind. But man is more than just a mechanical control center that when switched off, ceases to exist. He has  potential to be something else. It is likely embedded in his DNA from what a few microbiologists have posited to me. (I liked what they said any way. It is a theory)

The problem with the embrace of dual part architecture, is that once you are in that position, you have taken yourself out of the realm of true creativity, which the Religious term the miraculous. I always look at that realm as simply walking with God, who I see as an energy signature that is eternal and everywhere. We begin to see more clearly, when we first accept that we must submit to riding within God’s stream, which is evidenced in His Will for all Humanity.

I have always thought that mankind’s¬† purpose is soulical prosperity, which leads to spiritual communion with that resonant frequency. You know: God. Man is designed to be in, of, with, connected to: God

For these people commenting, and so many today, their basal understanding emanates from a God forsaken position. In their process, they removed the potential of accessing information through a direct connection, spirit to spirit, energy to energy, with God, which we all who have this relationship, term: Love.

It is one of the reasons I always sign things “aloha oe”,¬† or “love always”. I need the reminder myself. God is still love, even when I am not.

We live in an unredeemed world which is perpetually illustrated through entropic law.¬† But sometimes it’s ignorance and obstinance, still¬† surprise and alarm me. The sheer vitriolic nature exhibited by people towards those who suggest that maybe there is better for us as a species, is what levers my own emotional response.

I eventually catch myself and go: “Oh yeah right, I am not headed in their direction”. Then, I move a little closer in to God. This has become a programmed response of mine that is almost instinctive. Maybe as a result of Faith,¬† I have become part of a different tribe than these people. (Same species though) In this world, by virtue of connectedness to God, no longer able to be of it comfortably, I evolved.

But here is the thing, I did not do it on my own. I did need to be willing to look, and hear. Then it happened,  a filter dropped off, then another. It was as if I was alive for the first time in some ways. My perception changed as I was connected, plugged in so to speak, to the reality of a God who perpetually shows me love.

I delight in Science as a discipline. I find great joy in discovery. And when we uncover what has been there possibly all along, sometimes in plain view, I find myself in a sort of child-like glee and go: “wow, isn’t that funny?”

Love always S—-. I so appreciate you. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength. (I know that it is)”

Seth Godin chimed in on my thoughts today, with this ever timely blog post, which is entitled: “If you can’t sell it, you cannot build it“.

Increasing Light

Increasing Light



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